Could WWE be sold to ESPN & FOX BY MIDDLE OF MAY?

WOW Talk about strange, and weird times we’re in… Reports, and rumors coming in are that the most powerful entity in wrestling sports entertainment “WWE” could be soon owned by someone not named McMahon? Just that thought is strange as all hell.

Just recently the “XFL” folded again after only one season, and that was due to this Covid-19 we’re facing. But could Vince McMahon soon be selling out the company his father gave him, and the company we all expected his own kids to one day run? Just a couple of decades ago the “WWE” bought out WCW and it was earth shattering as it left wrestling fans with no alternative to the “WWE”, and this was the downfall of the once great company in many ways. The “WWE” was at its best when it had competition.

With that said it was still the big boy in town, and with some new companies emerging as competition things looked as if we might be entering a new era of Pro Wrestling. Until this news or rumor hit my desk… I’ll be honest I don’t watch wrestling anymore as it doesn’t call my attention as I’ve got older but still it’s hard to underestimate what an impact this will have.

So this is the scoop… Vince McMahon is still running the company, but is he looking to sell soon? IF So looks like the almighty house of the mouse “Disney” might be interested in making a run at the company! Disney who now owns MARVEL, Lucasfilms, 20th century FOX, and just about everything else on earth! But looks like they want the big dog in pro wrestling, and are all in for a couple of their entities.

Dutch Mantel tweeted out that he “overheard directly” from WWE’s Stamford headquarters that WWE is set to be sold off by possibly as early as the middle of May. They are allegedly talking to ESPN and FOX about the deal and are looking to sell both WWE and the WWE Network.

Now is there any truth to this??? Don’t panic yet but remember he said that he “Overheard directly out of @WWE Stamford” and again “that a deal is being negotiated to sell WWE & the network to @ESPN and @FOX by as early as Mid May.”

This is a rumor, but it has more weight coming from Dutch Mantel. He still has some friends in the company who could be aware of very big possible business moves. Again folks this is somewhat earth shattering if it happens, and who knows if this will happen but in a world where we’re all locked down until further notice who the hell knows. I mean nothing is forever, and perhaps the Disney company will step in to buy out the McMahon family because they’re simply tired of running the WWE. Vince is not getting any younger, and who knows how much his kids really want it.

Besides the McMahon are loaded in the all mighty $$$ and I’m sure they will sell for a bunch more cash that we will ever see in many lifetimes. So if this is what they want to do I say happy sails to them, and let’s see what else happens to the “WWE” next.

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