Cops Tell Florida Man To Stop Calling 911 About His Stolen Weed

In what I’m now going to do every week as a NEW segment report called “ONLY IN FLORIDA!” this week I wanted to share this story that just happened to come across my computer. This is only in Florida folks!

Cops in Florida had to make a “special house call” after an idiot….. Moron….. Person repeatedly called the emergency 911 line to report that his roommate stole his weed.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office via twitter the deputy was dispatched to the man’s house to inform him that his calls were not going to get police to investigate his roommates theft, and I quote “All right, so, I just received a call. Guy’s calling in saying his roommate stole his weed, $20, worth, and he’s upset,” Deputy Zalva said in a video posted by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department.

Zalva says the man kept calling emergency 911 trying to get someone to respond to the insane report, instead Zalva was dispatched to make contact with the suspect to tell him to stop calling the emergency line to report his missing or stolen weed, and in a follow-up tweet, Deputy Zalva says the man started to ‘freak out’ a bit after Zalva contacted the insistent 911 caller.

“Going back to the guy calling in to report his drugs stolen, I called to let him know not to call the sheriff’s office and report his drugs. He started to freak out a little bit on the phone and then hung up on me shortly after, so…” Zalva says with a grin on his face.

While recreational marijuana use is still illegal in the state of Florida, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s department says, no charges were filed against the caller, and while he didn’t say this but in my opinion the caller needs to cut down on the pot smoking. When you’re calling the cops for this shit guys you know you have smoked yourself retarded.

Only in Florida…

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