Minneapolis cop murders Handcuffed Black Man On A Crowded Street!

Warning video is disturbing! Click picture to open video
IN What has to be the most disturbing video footage I’ve seen in a very long time folks. A Minneapolis policeman is caught on camera killing a black man in what some are calling a modern day Lynching.

In the twisted video taken this week clearly shows Officer Derek Chauvin who is being dubbed and rightfully so from reading this assholes past reports “A Race soldier.” The Minneapolis victim a Black man named George Floyd who was handcuffed, in broad daylight with onlookers watching in shock. The video is over 9 minutes, and it shows another so called “Officer” who happens to be Chinese also being dubbed “A Race Soldier” named “Tou Thao,” who does a good job at keeping the onlookers at bay, while the other asshole, Derek Chauvin held his knee in the back of the subdued victimÔÇÖs neck, deliberately cutting off his circulation and killing him.

In the original video Floyd kept screaming he could not breath, and that the race soldiers were trying to kill him. And that is exactly what ha[[ened folks Officer Derek Chauvin killed that man in cold blood, and he looked like he hadn’t even broken a sweat over it. He has a history of complaints where no disciplinary actions were taken that get this! Includes a history of shooting non-white citizens. One case back in 2011, Chauvin shot a Black man named Ira Latrell Toles in the torso twice.

This behavior is not acceptable in any civilized country. The so called Officers here need to be held accountable, and need to get what they deserve by every ounce the law can lay on them for their murder of this man. I don’t care if he’s on crack the man was down, not movie, and couldn’t breath. He was not resisting from the looks of it, and so this is murder plain and simple. I do hope they get what they deserve, and people keep their collective cool about this. What we don’t need is to let these fucks win, and go into some race war over shit like this.

You don’t beat hate with more hate… You wipe out the bad seeds like these two so called cops and you start to heal. We need more healing than fighting right now as it is… This I hope is an isolated incident but let’s hope it doesn’t start ramping up some anti-Black War in this country. All Americans need to protect themselves by any means from this vile, unconstitutional execution.

IF you can stomach the footage it’s there to view… Let’s expose these men to the world, and make sure these faces, and names are not forgiven.

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