Mmm… ba~bies… Congress & Senate once again can’t agree on bill!

Democrats stuff coronavirus bill with identity politics, and say they won’t pass anything that doesn’t include a laundry list of unrelated items. Yes folks they want to stuff this new bill with the “GREEN NEW DEAL” which we know is NOT what we need at this moment. They want a long list of things which have nothing to do with this crisis we’re all facing with the CoronaVirus.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin discusses steps the White House is taking to satisfy economic discomfort amid coronavirus. Also he shuts down idea that coronavirus relief is ‘corporate welfare’ and it’s aimed to be able to keep our economy fixed, and get things jumped started again. Pretty much the left wants to stick everything they want which in the long run will mean the doom of most of our major companies, and airlines, and bankfuck our country, and turn the country into a 3rd world country.

We are experiencing a shutdown, and they need to do what’s right for us, and stop trying to compete with each other on whose the least competent. Right now I think both sides are being way to hard headed when this issue is easy to resolve. Every household should get sent a check period! For however long this take so they could not just pay bills but so they could keep the economy moving, and keep themselves fed, and sheltered.

There has been how many decades of them throwing away trillions on junk, and to countries like IRAN… These aren’t the times for politics this is a time for action. I agree more with what the right is proposing but I also think some major corporations like big airlines aren’t losing money they just aren’t making money. Remember if everything is turned off, and nothing is working how are you spending a penny? I get why the senate want to help some big companies but we need to worry about them when everything is past us. Right now we need them to get off their ass, and make the right moves to help the Citizens of this country.

Check out some of the videos below for more information on the latest going on with the lockdown both to the world, and on the coronavirus stimulus bill.

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