Colin Kaepernick likes chicks with dicks? You decide!

Former NFL quarterback, now activist Colin Kaepernick might have some skeletons in his closet he doesn’t want the world knowing about, and how about it folks! He might be into chicks with dicks! Maybe chicks who once had dicks? Who knows what he’s into cock or scars where cocks used to hang? I DON’T KNOW! Don’t want to know also but looks like someone’s is fed up with him, and has decided to well expose him, and kick him out of the closet… I mean Colin should be used to it he was kicked out of the NFL afterall, and has cost Nike MILLIONS since signing with them.

He’s used to it.. I guess. I have some respect for Michael Sams the now ex football player for being openly gay about who he was, and even showed who his boyfriend was, and didn’t hide it. He’s not in the league either which doesn’t shock me but at least he didn’t lie, and kept a secret. You know who else lied about his sexual orientation? Aaron Hernandez, and he well we know how that guy ended up. Not good… Keeping secrets is not good, and about who you are is even worse. So Colin be yourself, and I say that to a white guy who’s been white his whole life until his gf was played by a mulata from tv. Who’s also into Black Lives Matter, a socialist, and extreme in her own views.

“I loved him very much and he cared for me greatly, but in order to protect his brand I made him walk away from me. Knowing the persecution he would face because I’m a Trans woman.” Says the Alphabet person now known as Mia Isabella. “If I’m honest I have not been very good to my own heart. I’ve burdened her with heavy truths too great for it to bear. Today I tell the truth,” she tweeted. “During the @Tyga scandal someone outed my connection w @Kaepernick7 to discriminate against and persecute us because I’m a Trans woman.

“There is nothing wrong with loving a Trans woman,” Isabella continued. “It was my heart and soul he loved it wasn’t because of my sexuality. I have to thank @MichaelSamNFL my publicist @misslainie and my grandmother for holding the truths I told them. It hurt me to lose our bond,” he said about Kaepernick, 28. So San Francisco really made an impact on Kaepernick from the looks of it, and yeah, it’s one thing to be an activist for racism, or whatever he’s doing these days but It’s another thing to change teams midway through the game. (if you don’t get the joke, ask a friend)

Now, Kaepernick has never mentioned anything about this relationship, so this could be a case of someone seeking their 15-minutes of fame. At the same time, it’s not hard to imagine a guy like Kaepernick getting tricked by a transgendered person, and simply going along with it. But remember she does porn, NOWAY he didn’t know. Check out this video from 2016 when Mia is asked about Colin so this isn’t new news…

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