Cobra Kai Season 3: Rumoured To Release On This Date?

Cobra Kai Season 3: Rumours are starting to fly in like a crane kick by a student of the Daniel Larusso Miyagi Do Karate! Now we have word that the official Release to season 3 will be on… Sadly we don’t know yet. No clue! But Rumors are starting to come in, and here is what we have. NOW as you know Cobra Kai is the spin-off of the 1980s classic trilogy “The Karate Kid” mostly so far the first movie of 34 years or so ago! Since the movie was released and because of this long-time gap has filled fans with curiosity to know what happened to our hero Daniel, and his rival in the first movie one Johnny Lawrence. The series is seen mostly from Johnny’s POV or perspective which is the big change from the original movies, and one fans have always wanted to explore.

This show was already renewed back in 2nd may 2019 which was all scheduled to land on our screens in-around 2020 (this year). But as we all know this Corona19 has us all on meditation mode, pushing and delaying all premiers and productions not just YouTube! Which is the mere reason that we still got no confirmation for season 3 yet! It was expected to release this year in spring but now I guess we have to wait longer as we have no idea when the 3rd season will be out because there’s no trailer launch yet apart from the final of last-second season.

Remember last season 2 the argument leading into the war that happened between Cobra Kai students and Miyagi-do Dojos? Yes, this literally made Daniel and Johnny to think where they lacked as masters, and following all this, Amanda laid down some rules to expunge Karate out of Daniel’s life. Where on the other hand Kresse abandoned Johnny by changing the course of Cobra Kai. So we will be watching Daniel and Johnny work as a team for one common good. Daniel will be heading towards Okinawa, which is Miyagi master’s hometown. So many more new theories are left to still dig-deep into the series.

I know we all locked in cause of the COVID19 but For the love of god just keep making these seasons! This is the best show on the net along with Mandalorian. These are the best TV shows on the planet right now. So once this whole mess is done with Covid19 let’s get Season 3 of this masterful show online for the fans to enjoy, and get going on season 4!

IF You missed the first 2 seasons I got you covered…. Click on the banners below, and watch the first two free on YouTube. Join the ad free and it’s free first month, and watch the rest.

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