CNN’s Anderson Cooper a racist also?

So Anderson “Pooper Scooper”Cooper sounded off about the recent re-tweet of Twerrence K. Williams on his pathetic tv show on CNN. You know the “Clinton News Network” the nation’s number 1 source for “FAKE NEWS” and already home of another pooper scooper Don Lemonhead.

But why is Anderson Making such a big deal about Terrence? Who’s managed to make a name for himself with his comedy, and politics. Are you mad, envious, or just hungry for news on a slow news week? Are we now sinking to this level that Anderson is going on air to talk about the “Presidents” re-tweets? How is this news? This is why CNN get’s the name “Fake News” they attack whoever supports the president, and makeup lies as they go along, and feed you the public fales narratives via this little brainwashing tool called the TeLIEvision.

Let’s hear Terrence place Anderson in his spot with a simple tweet…. Enjoy!

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