SO CNN admits UFOs are real! But wait… 👽🛸

Now this is hilarious for us in ufology for years we know that they’re real. But to see this confirmed now is becoming reality. I used to work with someone who was present at a UFO crash site here in Florida in the 70’s which I can’t speak much about because he was 1 of a handful of people there, and he didn’t want to speak publicly as he has kids, and grand kids. But his Military rank was proven to me 100% LEGIT, and his time in Miami at the time was also proven to me.

Folks these things are not all ALIEN or ET flying UFO’s… BUT SOME ARE, and we’re on the brink of Disclosure! This ran on CNN. Notice how they mention Trump, and his info? Without smearing or trashing Trump over politics. But watch the video, and below that I’m going to connect the dots based on information I’ve been told over the last 2 decades.

I Was always into this subject… As long as I Could remember and it’s all due to my own 2 sightings as a kid. Now over the years I’ve been told by several sources connected to the Roswell crashes in the past that what crashed at Roswell wasn’t JUST Alien… We had 2 crashes at Roswell 1 ET and 1 AMERICAN MADE. They crashed into each other because one attracted the other which thought it belonged to them. They collided, and what was found was 2 wreckage’s a mile apart. The one we made was done using a combination of the “Nazi,” & “Tesla” tech which we experimented on and the other was an actual ET UFO which is the one which came down to from my understanding was to investigate where this ship came from since it registered as theirs in most due to the “NAZI & Tesla” getting the tech from THEM!

IF this is real then this could be the big secret behind Roswell the GOV has covered up for decades. Roswell WAS A REAL event, and Alien bodies were really found, and also human bodies in the other crash? WELL IF this doesn’t answer why they covered it up nothing will, and oh if you’re asking why is this all coming out now in 2020? Easy answer folks it’s cause Trump is the big D! Not “DICK” like some on the left want you all to think! lol But he’s going to be the “Disclosure PRESIDENT” but this will only happen as he’s re-elected. This is from a source, and I was told that this is the only way he will open up about it, and ensure he’s not killed for what he knows, and he wants us to know, and this is why he’s been more and more open about the question, and even outed the gov for the ufo videos they got which prompted the Pentagon in admitting those videos we seen earlier this year were real. I saw those videos years ago folks. I’m talking about possibly half a decade ago. What does he know? His uncle JOHN Trump was the man in charge of recovering the TESLA Files from the office of Tesla when he was declared dead, and John saw the files, and saw everything Tesla was working on, and a lot of the UFO secrets he took to his grave but according to reports told to me.

President Trump was told everything his Uncle knew, and this is why we now have a “SPACE FORCE” and while the left for years have teasing us about UFO’s they never had any intentions of actually releasing this information. Podesta, the Clinton’s these people are all in on the take, and while a lot of people on the right who knew the facts wanted this information out. The left played with our emotions, and never did anything to actually push for disclosure when it came to actually doing it… But now it’s all coming out.

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