Chris “Rhino” Christie tells Trump to Concede on CNN!

So fatass Chris the Rhino Christie went on CNN to plug his bullshit new television and radio ad, and he was on Fredo Cumo the lame slowmo host on CNN. As usual the snakes all gather around, and these two are no different… The now former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that it was time for Republican lawmakers to accept President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election and not try to “disturb the certification of the Electoral College.”

Cuomo said, “What do you say to members of your party who are in Congress who are even contemplating doing something on January 6th to disturb the certification of the Electoral College?”

Christie said, “Chris, you know, whenever anybody loses an election, party, an individual, there’s great disappointment, but elections have consequences. And this one was clearly won by president-elect Biden by the same margin in the Electoral College that President Trump won four years ago. And by even more, nearly double the popular vote. This election, there’s been no evidence put forward that’s shown me as a former prosecutor that there was any fraud that would change the result of the election. And so it’s time for us to accept that defeat. Also, by the way, accept the many victories we had that night. 14 new House members, two legislatures at the state level switched, and a governorship flipped to the Republican Party. We had a great night except at the top of the ticket. So we need to accept that, and we need to move on.”

So just let the clear rig that happened after 4 years of fake scandals from the left go? So the Socialists could have their way? His true colors have been exposed… He’s FULL BLOWN RHINO! I had some fun with him on t he meme below in my tweet to him directly.

But his latest CNN doc dropping and Gossip bullshit on his friend “Donald Trump” is not just this one time he’s done it before… This is from 2019 “Christie: Trump lied about things he didn’t need to lie about” Why would he go on CNN and talk bad about his friend of 20 years? Seriously this moron needs to pipe down it’s clear he’s nobodies friend. He’s probably a leaker who’s been leaking to CNN and everyone he can fake shit to smear Trump.

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