Chris Cuomo was ‘like a boiling pot’ during no-mask Easter confrontation with cyclist!

Remember when this Snowflake Fredo Cuomo was described ‘like a boiling pot’ during no-mask Easter confrontation with a cyclist who busted him outside riding his bike in Long Island, New York? Well the story went like this David Whelan said when he saw a group of people hanging around an under-construction property and he stopped to take a break. He went on to tell Fox News in an interview later that “It was Easter Sunday evening, it was chilly and cold.” He continued saying “I grew up about 1,000 feet from where he [Cuomo] is building his new house, which is nothing but a steel frame [at this point].” Whelan said he went “down the trail that runs past where his new structure is being built and there’s a bunch of people there.”

“I’ve been riding for seven or eight miles, take a little break, and am just walking. And a woman says, ‘May I help you?’ I said ‘No, I’m just looking.’” Whelan said he then recognized Fredo who hosts “Cuomo Prime Time” on Fake News CNN, and who announced in March that he tested positive for the coronavirus. The cyclist said he asked Cuomo if he had the virus and if he was supposed to be self-quarantining.

“I think his next words were, ‘What the hell do you know about this? What do you know about the rules?’” Whelan said. Whelan said his daughter is a doctor at John Hopkins University, and said he’s been calling people out for not practicing social distancing or safe preventative measures amid the outbreak. So yeah he knew about this. LMAO!

At that point, Whelan claimed, Cuomo “continued to come closer and closer.” Not like thats dangerous for someone who’s got Covid. “I would like to say he’s like a boiling pot, you could see his head,” he said. “He was just getting more and more angry. And I said, ‘So are you gonna lose your temper like you did on the guy at Shelter Island?'” Whelan was referring to an incident last summer, when Cuomo became angry when someone called him “Fredo” the weak, younger brother in The Godfather movies. Cuomo said it was an anti-Italian slur and he appeared to threaten to “throw [the man] down [a flight of] stairs” and “f****** ruin [his] s***.” That’s not an “Anti Italian Slur” and it’s not near as insulting as being called “THE N WORD” which is where he was going with it. Fucking Cry baby Cuomo can’t take it when people call him out on his bullshit. But man he loves to dish it out on others. He’s a hypocrite folks… The man said he thought “Fredo” was Cuomo’s name, and CNN backed Cuomo for what they said was defending himself. Shameful of the network.

As for Whelan on Easter, he said he wanted to “move on” with his ride after seeing Cuomo become “angry.” The cyclist said the exchange ended with Cuomo telling him “he was going to meet me.” A Threat! “He goes ‘You are going to meet me over this, you will meet me again over this,’” Whelan said. “At that point, he’s now getting about 40 feet away.” He told Fox News he hasn’t been tested for the virus since. Whelan said no one in Cuomo’s group was wearing face masks or gloves, and yet here we have Cuomo or Fredo for not wearing a mask. “For most normal people, you can’t get tested,” Whelan said. “I made my own mask weeks ago, I hit it with alcohol every day.”

Why do I bring this up now you ask? Well as we know Trump came down with Covid, and Cuomo the Hypocrite is at his bullshit again talking about the President like he’s such a perfect guy! This guys really is a side show… Fredo you idiot… Guys Watch below, and you will laugh I’m sure.

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