Chick’nCone where has this been my whole life?

So I love food… Sue me! I love chicken, and I love Ice Cream, and while I don’t have a 24k worth of Ice Cream like one Nasty Nancy Pelosi in San Fran. I will say this is the best Idea I’ve seen for Chicken since they added it to PIZZA! And that happened before I was born… lol

But this folks takes the cake! (mmmm cake…) But check this out ever hear of “Chick’nCone?” NO? WELL Neither had I until I saw this video, and now I ask! Where have you been my whole life?? Why post about this? Well I live in Miami, and this is a local area that have these, and I love to support local establishments as much as possible, and I love food. Yes indeed I’m a food aficionado, and this is right up my path in life of things I know I’m going to love.

I’m going to check them out soon in person, and will give a full report on the place here on the site as me, and Brandon did on his “Florida Stuffed” video. But don’t think he’s going to be on the video sadly.

Either way I can’t wait to check them out, and see how good this is, and if it’s as good as it looks OMG I think I found a new treat to have from time to time… I know there is a pandemic folks but we all have to keep fed, and enjoy life also. This gets us all much closer to life back to normal. So I hope all my local listeners, and friends in the SoFlo area comes out, and supports this new location, and checks out this amazing product. “Chick’nCone!” It just sounds right…

Check out there website here, and facebook here.

Check out this video below.

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