Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Shows Up At News Conference Sporting Bizarre Costume

Does this freak think everyday is Halloween? I mean she can be mistaken for Beetlejuice, and both the movie character played by Michael Keaton!

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Trick-or-treating will be allowed in Chicago this Halloween, with some restrictions, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Thursday. Those going door-to-door cannot be in groups larger than six, must “keep it moving” and social distance.

Lightfoot also outlined a new city event — Halloweek.

Lightfoot’s Halloween announcement comes the same day COVID-19 restrictions are easing for Chicago businesses.

Classes at gyms can now include more people, and personal services that require a mask being removed, like shaves and facials, are now allowed.

The alcohol curfew for bars and restaurants is pushed back to 1 a.m. Bars that don’t serve food will be able to seat people indoors at 25% capacity, and those that do serve food can open at 40% capacity, with a maximum of 50 people per space.

Illinois released its Halloween guidelines Wednesday amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anyone participating in trick-or-treating should maintain social distance and wear proper face coverings; consider leaving individual candies spaced apart outside; trick-or-treat only with household members and wash hands before eating candy, the state said.

Lightfoot who is a dead ringer for Beetlejuice on any given day couldn’t possibly look any more ridiculous but she did. The news that the Windy City would be allowing Halloween should be greeted with mixed feelings, especially since the carnage in an already violent hellhole hit record levels.

She also has been mistaken for the short black midget who used to hangout with Howard Stern. Remember him?
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Over 3,100 people have been shot in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago thus far in 2020. The Chicago Tribune reports the exact number of shooting victims at 3,132, and that includes the fatally wounded as well as those who survived. The Tribune reports the number of homicides January 1, 2020, through September 28, 2020, at 576, CNN reported fewer than 500 for all of 2019.

Breitbart News reported at least 49 people were shot over the past weekend alone, at least seven fatally. Nearly 40 were shot, including six fatally, the weekend prior, and at least 50 were shot, 11 fatally, the weekend before that.

“One would think that Mayor Lightfoot would have more urgent priorities than putting on the “Rona Destroyer” garb and prancing around for an adoring media but the violence in her city where citizens are under attack as if they lived in a third-world country doesn’t merit her full attention. It is mind-boggling how this person could have ever gotten the job as the mayor of one of America’s largest cities but if it wasn’t for low standards, Democrats would have no standards at all. Democrats and especially the vaunted class of 2018 are incompetent authoritarian clowns and the coronavirus is the best thing that ever happened to them.”

I have to agree 100% I mean she’s a god damn joke, and her city is a disaster! She needs to be impeached or voted out asap! She’s a wack job leftist, evil bigot! IMO
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