Charlamagne tha God switched it on Joe again?

So on Wednesday “The Breakfast Club” radio show co-host Charlamagne tha God said he did not “bait” presumptive Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden during their interview with CBS’s “The Late Show.” During that interview, Biden said that black voters who have trouble deciding whether to support him or President Donald Trump “ain’t black.”

Last week Biden told CNN’s Don Lemon, “I apologized immediately for responding to Charlamagne, who was baiting me, and if you looked at that film, you’ll see I was smiling at him.”

Colbert said, “What was your initial reaction in that moment?”

Charlamagne said, “I honestly just thought it was like a great-great-granddad joke. And, honestly, my initial reaction was exactly what I said to him afterward. I said to him it’s not about Trump. It’s about me wanting something for my community because that’s really my focus.

That’s really my message. I want my elected officials to go into the White House and dismantle this thing called white supremacy and really do something to uplift the black community in a real, meaningful, tangible way.

I don’t get offended easily, so to me, it didn’t quite bother me because I wasn’t one of those folks he was talking about. I didn’t like what he said after.

I didn’t like the aftermath. He told Don Lemon I baited him. I didn’t bait you. Vice President Biden volunteered that fish. I didn’t. I didn’t throw no bait out there for that fish whatsoever. I didn’t like him saying he was being too cavalier. He said when he apologized, ‘I was being too cavalier.’ That word is defined as not showing concern.”

So Joe Biden a KNOWN RACIST who’s put more blacks in prison due to his policies still has the backing AFTER what he said to Charlamagne tha God? Yeah you’re an idiot not a GOD… New name “Charlamagne tha Idiot.” He also says that he, and all black people should have legal guns but yet he wants to vote for people who wanna take away his guns. This includes Joe Biden you idiot! Not only does Joe Biden want to take away your rights to have guns! He’s also responsible for bills going back 40 years where he’s been responsible for the bad shape black people are in this country, and yet this is who you support? Maybe Joe Biden is right, and you ain’t black… You a sellout, and a sucker. You ain’t no fucking god… Moron yes, god no…

But this idiot instead of opening his eyes to the evil Joe Biden has done he has the nerve to say that Trump is as bad as Hitler? Are you fucking kidding me? He also endorses looters, and rioters, he says how everyone should own legal guns but votes for a side that wants to take away our guns, and talks about Trump like he is responsible for the current unemployment rate… Guess he missed the memo how CHINA, and the radical left are the ones responsible for this mess, and NOT the Trump. Also he talks about MLK? Well MLK was a Republican you idiot! While Joe Biden was against the Civil rights, and mocked being part of it when he wasn’t. He was off being a lifeguard, and having black kids stroke the blond hairs on his legs whatever the hell Biden means by that semi pedophile behavior shit…. I kid you not guys.

So I guess according to “Comomierda tha fraud!” Or whatever that morons name is that’s ok, and he still says the following about Trump when asked by another Socialist moron “MARTIN” from PBS asks him “Do you have any advice for President Trump?”

“CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD: No, I don’t. You know what I’m saying? I really honestly don’t have any advice for President Trump, because I think President Trump’s been — President Trump — there’s only one other person on this planet who has exceeded expectations in my lifetime like President Trump has, and that’s LeBron James. LeBron James exceeded expectations, because, coming out of high school, he was like — like, he was on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” in high school. He was — his games came on ESPN. Like, he was the heir apparent to Jordan. And for all intents and purposes, he has exceeded expectations. That’s hard to do. Right? It’s always hard to do.

Donald Trump is as bad as everybody said he was going to be. Worse. Everything. Like, literally everything they said Donald Trump was going to be, he is absolutely — it’s kind of — you got to laugh to keep from crying, but it is just like think about it. They were comparing him to Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini. And they said that he was going to bring martial law back, and he was just — he’s literally exceeded expectations when it comes to being a terrible president and human being. It’s actually — it’s actually kind of impressive to see somebody be as bad as everybody said that they said he would be, actually worse. So, no, I don’t — I can’t even — I wouldn’t waste my time telling Donald Trump to pray. I wouldn’t even waste my time doing that, because I wouldn’t want God to throw his prayers in the spam folder.”

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