Now we supposed to let black people steal? Charity Sade Bryan STFU!🤫

A crazy woman named Charity Sade Bryan who’s a BLM/Antifa tool just went off on a CVS store manager for reporting to the cops that two black men shoplifted from his store. She said he put the men’s lives in danger. So according to her white people are now supposed to let black people rob stores because “insurance will cover it.” And it puts their lives in danger? Wait WTF? LMAO! My god this entitlement mentality some people have is beyond comical. You guys need to watch this video below… This is just pure comedy gold, and SAD! This pig of a woman decided to give this guy a hassle after he did the right thing for his job, and company. He follows the rules, and she has an issue with it? I think she staged this to be honest. I think she got the guys who robbed the store in on it, and just used this moment to create a moment to get herself some fame out of it. Watch the shit show below folks this is fucking silly ass shit from this whale of a woman. Also her account on Twitter was hacked from the looks of it, and some very pro Trump was added to it…. Hilarious! I screenshot it, and posted it below. Let’s give her what she wants, and expose the shit out of her…

She claimed that the manager could have got the thieves killed by calling the police since they’re black… Well had they not robbed shit to start with they wouldn’t need to have the cops called on them numb-nuts! The Manager explained in a very humble, and polite way that he follows the companies policies not hers, and that he needs to call the cops when his store is robbed in this situations. “And if the police apprehend them, we have to issue a barring notice,” he adds. “But I actually did not elect to press charges, I just wanted to say hey look, I just want them to know they can’t come in here anymore because they shoplifted and I just need them to sign that. The officers obliged and the guys said the same thing, thank you, and they left.”

“So you know what happens (when the police are called on) black men?” The woman demanded in response… Good lord always pulling out the race card. These guys robbed the store! How about again they don’t um… ROB THE FUCKING STORE! LOL This is such retarded thinking.

“I don’t work for you,” he says. “I follow my company’s policies, not your policies, while I can appreciate your concern …” Which man I would have told her more than that he’s a humble man. “So you’re willing to risk someone’s life for what, $30,000 a year?” Sade continues… What a condescending bitch! When she demanded to know his name for her attempt at getting him doxxed, he refused and asserted that nobody there would tell her his name so that she can attempt to incite violence against him. RIGHT ON! You know this is exactly what she wanted, and I hope by showing his face on video she didn’t just get this man hurt in someway. “Elicit violence against you? You just elicited violence against two black men by calling the police on them,” she replies.

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