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馃帣Inside Tha Jackals Head With Guest Mark Fiorentino

Tonight we get into something as deep as the minds eye allows us to go my friends. Author Mark Fiorentino will join me, and we shall explorer into the mind of Einstein, and possibly beyond.

Mark Fiorentino has spent most of his career in the high-techindustry. As an electronic technician at Harris Government Systems he worked on a Killer Satellite missile guidance system. He worked for IBM for sixteen years trouble-shooting computer systems and hardware. He received a prestigious Division Award for helping the company save millions of dollars by preventing difficult-to-fix circuit board assemblies from being thrown away. He also designed, built and automated testing of electronic devices to assist in improving the quality of IBM鈥檚 products and manufacturing process. He received Outstanding Achievements awards for those projects as well. Master of Reality is his first book.

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MASTER OF REALITY: Super Relativity-The Unified Field Theory (April 2020) by Mark Fiorentino explores the Unified Field Theory, how the universe was created鈥攁nd how it might end鈥攁s well as UFOs and the possibility that our planet has been visited by extraterrestrials.

Fiorentino has had an impressive career in the High Tech industry. He was part of team that developed a Killer Satellite missile guidance system at Harris Government Systems, and at IBM, where he worked as an accomplished troubleshooter for 16 years, he received Outstanding Achievements awards for several projects he worked on. But for as long as he can remember, Fiorentino has had insatiable and unrelenting curiosity about Albert Einstein鈥檚 Unified Field Theory. He was certain that if he could understand this theory he would comprehend the fundamentals of life, creation, the origin of mass鈥攁nd important knowledge regarding humans and life on this planet.

In his study of the Unified Field Theory, Fiorentino found clues hidden in the past which led him to the realization that both Special and General Relativity just needed to be extended in order to achieve Einstein鈥檚 dream of the completed Unified Field Theory as he first envisioned it.

In his book, Fiorentino explores his findings and conclusions about the universe, and life on this planet, including:
路 What he concludes is missing link to the Unified Field Theory solution
路 How the universe was created
路 How the universe will end
路 Why he believes extraterrestrials have visited our planet
路 What the connection is between ETs and the Unified Field Theory
路 How we can safeguard humanity until the end of time
路 What the origin of mass is and its origin
路 What sub-atomic particles are and how they impact life
路 Why he believes it is possible to break the light speed barrier
路 What the primary forces of nature are
路 What is light speed travel
路 Whether or not the technologies he explains in his book will lead to a Utopian society Fiorentino believes he has achieved Einstein鈥檚 vision.

His discovery of hidden clues from the past proves that both Special and General Relativity just needed to be extended in order to achieve Einstein鈥檚 dream of the completed Unified Field Theory as he first envisioned it.