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Suspect in custody for Rick Moranis assault!

Music to my ears folks! Another piece of horse shit off the streets, and in prison where he belongs! Police on Saturday arrested a homeless, violent ex-con and charged him with randomly slugging actor Rick Moranis last month on the Upper West Side. Marquis Ventura, 35, was spotted by Transit Bureau sergeant at 96th Street and Broadway who made the arrest. Pictures of this asshole Ventura masked face had been widely publicized in the month since the unprovoked, caught-on-video attack steps from the actor’s Central Park West apartment.

“Thanks to an eagle-eyed sergeant from @NYPDTransit, this suspect has been apprehended and charged,” the NYPD said in a tweet announcing the arrest in the Moranis beating. “Huh?” an unblinking Ventura responded to a reporter’s question, as detectives led him in handcuffs from the 20th Precinct on the Upper West Side at 8:30 p.m.

He was taken to Central Booking and was expected to be arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Sunday… Ventura has a history of more than a dozen arrests, including five for felonies, the sources said. His most recent arrest for allegedly randomly pummeling a straphanger in the West 4th Street subway station had been just two weeks after the attack on Moranis. Personally I love Rick Moranis work, and I’m happy they caught this man. Rick Moranis is such a nice guy the man left his movie career to be a dad when his wife passed away, and has never bothered anyone or been some Hollywood snob. He’s just a nice guy comedian, and is loved by millions of fans. We have wanted to see him in movies again for a long time, and he’s been slowly coming back to working again in films, and there might be a Ghostbuster cameo in next years Ghostbusters 3.

As with Moranis, that more recent victim, a 61-year-old man, was knocked to the ground, and when the victim’s pal tried to intervene, Ventura allegedly chomped down on the pal’s hand, and Ventura fled the station after a woman bystander thwacked him on the head with an umbrella, police said. Man they need to keep Ventura locked up for good he’s a menace to society.

Moranis suffered pain in his head, back and right hip as a result of the attack, and I hope he presses charges on this man, and doesn’t let him get away with it. The disturbing, unprovoked attack was filmed by sidewalk surveillance cameras, and more images of the masked suspect were captured from additional cameras. The Moranis attack is now the third open stranger-assault case against Ventura.

He remains charged in the Bronx with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching a young woman in the face after asking her for money on a No. 5 train on April 13, according to law enforcement sources and public court records, and that victim, who was 23, told cops that Ventura displayed a large knife during the attack.