Canibus re-mixed with a real dope beat by Anabolic Beatz!

Sometimes you just gotta pay respect when something cool happens… I was listening to this beat by Anabolic Beatz right here on YouTube, and I remembered a freestyle by Canibus from when he was in the ARMY as I was listening to the beat so I took my “SNAGIT” software, and I simply recorded over the the video of Canibus, and had the beat play in the background in another tab… I didn’t edit the audio into it or placed it in any place using any fancy software other than SnagIT which is a program that captures screen video, and pictures, and I just let it play, and look at how dope this came out.

Shoutouts to Anabolic Beatz for this dope beat, and to Canibus for being one of the dopest rappers alive, and for serving his country. He’s a real patriot, and a real MC. This is what happens when you get someone as dope as Canibus and you post his live freestyle that’s over no beat, and you mix it with a dope beat. Again nothing but SnagIT used.

Check out the two links I used.


Anabolic Beatz:

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