😂Cancel Culture Eats it’s own!😂

I’m against cancel culture… I want to start there. BUT! And here we have someone who deserves it, Jimmy Kimmel and all the late night puppets for the BIG 3 networks “ABC, NBC, CBS” have done nothing but sold out this country. They have lied, and trashed Trump on a constant basis when before he was President he was always nice enough to go on their shows, and they were all friendly with him.

Other words these people are all hypocrites… Oh, and The View also falls into this category. Even if they’re not late night. Now if Rosanne Barr lost her show which was good over a tweet! How does Kimmel, and James Gunn get rewarded by keeping their shows?

Now just think if Trump or anyone close to him would be in a video like these what it would do? It’s time to call it’s for what it is folks. There is a major double standard because Trump isn’t a puppet like these people. But wait there is more… Enjoy these classics. Hey if we’re going to start airing people out! Let’s let it all hangout…

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