🌈California now the State of LGTBQ Prison Rights!?

Let this sink in folks! CALIFORNIA Passes a Law Allowing Trans Prisoners to be Housed by Gender Identity… And of course the pedophile and pervert Senator Scott Wiener is loving it. 🍕Pizza boy has this to tweet out.

As you see California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the new law that allows transgender prisoners to be housed based on what they identify as, as opposed to their biological gender. The SB 132 law was signed this past Saturday, and as a result, officers from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will be be required to privately ask inmates during intake if they intersex, non-binary, or trans. If the inmate identifies as any of those, they will be put in a facility where they feel comfortable. Along with that, the law notes no inmate request can be denied based on their sexual orientation or anatomy. Like if Prison RAPE wasn’t a big issue already. These morons think this will help? What’s next guys a Jacuzzi for every inmates cell?

It was noted by Newsom in the law that inmates request can be denied for “management or security concerns.” If the request is denied, the state reportedly has to offer a written explanation and offer the inmate a chance to object. The law reportedly requires correctional officers to address inmates by their preferred pronouns. SO Like “Hey you criminal,” “Murderer,” “Rapist,” “Killer” “Gangbanger” are not what they should be called anymore. OK But I wonder if that snitching “6ix9ine” ever got arrested again could he go in as a member of “Rainbow Brite?” That show was LTGBQ friendly before the term existed! LOL So now they cater to inmates so much they care where they are in the Alphabet community? Yes folks California is a mess, and a joke. So instead of fixing the state THIS is what they spend your tax paying money on.

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