“California Love” by Tupac & Dr Dre turns 20 years old today.

On this date in 1995, Death Row Records released one of the label’s most successful singles featuring Tupac Shakur, and Dr. Dre who also produced the track. Originally set to be on Dr Dre upcoming lp when Tupac got out of jail the track was quickly switched to his double lp by ‘2Pac’ “All Eyez On Me” which is one of the biggest, and best selling RAP/HIP HOP/POP cds in history.

As Tupac’s first single as a Death Row artist and as a free man after his 1994 rape conviction, California Love dropped during the height of the the East Coast/West Coast beef and helped to propel Death Row to the top of the charts once again after the hit cds by Snoop Dogg, and Dr Dre before it. The double cd featured the game’s hottest rappers at the time from both the east, and west, and the most sought after producers.

The B-side to the Jodeci powered “How Do U Want It?” posted up in the Billboard pole position for a solid two weeks and ‘2Pac was posthumously nominated for Grammys in the Best Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Performance By a Duo or Group categories.

“Only In Cali where we riot not rally, to live and die/ In L.A., we wearing Chucks, not Ballys (yeah, that’s right)..”

As a lifelong fan of the late Tupac Shakur this is one of those songs that will forever live in Hip Hop history, and it never gets old. Whenever I hear it on radio the volume goes up, and after all these years I know all the words by heart.

Special thank you to those involved in this classic rap song… Tupac first and also Dr. Dre, Suge Knight, the entire Death Row staff, the legend Roger Troutman (Zapp frontman – November 29, 1951 – April 25, 1999, also known mononymously as Roger, was an American singer, composer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and the founder of the band Zapp who helped spearhead the funk movement and heavily influenced West Coast hip hop due to the scene’s heavy sampling of his music over the years. – R.I.P) and even Chris Tucker himself who was in the music video, and had a very funny moment. This was around when he was blowing up with Friday, and his run at the top of box office before he got so rich he decided to only make Rush Hour movies for 10 years. But that’s another story for another post.

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