Cadi & The Bern! Two clowns on facetime!

So I was on FakeBook aka Mark Zuckerberg’s gift to the social media junkies who don’t mind him selling all our info to the powers who run the world for his own profit, and allow his site to get full of spyware that he can sell over to the highest bidders like people China for hearts, and livers. You know it’s all a game for money, and these people are evil. But enough about FACEBOOK now let’s look at this dumb blue hair twit here that got her video on FB chatting with Bernie Sanders of all people. Miami Rapper Trick Daddy posted the video below, and I went ape shit on there schooling people at how stupid not only she is but all her followers are, and I screenshot my posts in case they get deleted.

Cardi B on live with Bernie Sanders tonight

Posted by Trick Daddy on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Here is the YouTube of this incredibly dumb woman, and the evil communist Bernie Sanders… Incredible how stupid this chick is.

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