Bryan Singer X-POSED again! + Michael Jackson as Professor X? WTF!?

Earlier this month in the middle of the shutdown over the KungFlu the 20th anniversary of 20th Century Fox’s very first X-Men film came and went, and unless you’re a fan of the Director Bryan Singer or those movies themselves like my good buddy Alex TwoPointO who loves Singer nobody really made a big deal over it. Let’s face it that franchise crashed and burned.

But for a while it did change the blockbuster landscape and ushered in the modern influx of superhero movies after the BLADE movies came out and blew apart the gates before them! We could say X-MEN kicked the front door down! Weapon X Style! But again sadly, the film’s crashed and burned, and now it seems the legacy has gotten more complicated in the wake of sexual abuse allegations happening ALL over tinsel town we have more word on how Director Bryan Singer was to deal with, and why he possibly BOLTED for Superman Returns.

IN a detailed story published in The Atlantic last year it claimed that Singer’s reputation has sunk even lower due to claims of unprofessional behavior on his last two X-Men films and the Freddie Mercury BIO PIC “Bohemian Rhapsody” Named after Wayne & Garth favorite 70’s Rock song… The alleged new report claims that these behavioral patterns of Singer stretch farther back than the last few years.

The Hollywood Reporter just published its own story that grants new insight into Singer’s conduct on X-Men and X2. The story offers accounts from several individuals who worked behind the scenes. But perhaps the most shocking revelation involves a stunt gone awry while filming X2. Apparently, producer Tom DeSanto tried to halt shooting after he learned that Singer was “incapacitated” after taking an unspecified drug. I’ve personally been told it was Ecstasy.

Despite DeSanto’s best efforts, Singer pressed on with a scene that took place onboard the X-Jet near the movie’s conclusion. Unfortunately, the stunt coordinator wasn’t there to supervise, which caused Hugh Jackman to bleed while cameras were still rolling. Fox ultimately sided with Singer and told DeSanto to return to Los Angeles. But when the cast got wind of this, they confronted Singer in full costume in his trailer and threatened to quit unless DeSanto stayed. The encounter also notably ended with Halle Berry remarking to Singer, “You can kiss my Black ass.”

From what I’ve been told Singer was hooked badly on drugs back then, and he was really hooked on Ecstasy, and back then, and would often shoot his movies high on the drug. I can’t confirm the names of my source on that clearly for legal reasons so take it for what it is. But it does come from an inside source who doesn’t work for Marvel but did for DC for many years, and is the same source who put me in touch with the script writer for Superman Returns, and ironically the Same things happened on Superman Returns which is said why we got the cluster fuck of a movie that we got.

Reports have been for years that Singer loved to have sex parties, and if you we’re gay, and cast in his movies you were almost obligated to show up, and perform for the Director in private if you get what I’m saying.

Some actors who were NOT gay going into some of his movies who did catch his eye were well turned out by Singer or he at least would try hard to get with him sexually by drugging them, and a few have spoken out about being abused or raped by Singer, and his company. One beloved actor went to take his own life a years later named Brad Renfro who worked on the movie Apt Pupil. He was said to have been one of Singers earliest sex victims, and if you watch the video below he even mentions that to up, and coming actors about staying away from the Hollywood party scene.

This is the final interview he gave before he himself took his own life. From what I know he was said to be depressed for years, and was not getting work after having so much early success when word got around that he refused too participate in anymore “gay parties” because he wasn’t gay he was blacklisted, and cast aside from Hollywood.

The report also makes note of an ugly dispute over who received screenplay credit for the first X-Men movie. Fox brought a number of writers onto the project, including Ed Solomon, John Logan, James Schamus, and Christopher McQuarrie. In the end, David Hayter received sole credit, a fact that doesn’t sit well with some of THR’s sources who allege that Solomon and McQuarrie wrote most of the finished film.

Then there are also the now well documented allegations made by then-18-year-old Alex Burton, who briefly appeared as Pyro in the film. Not long after X-Men’s premiere, Burton filed a civil suit against three of Singer’s cohorts on July 20, 2000, alleging they drugged and sexually assaulted him. Burton has since change his name and drop out of the film industry.

This is not shocking to me as I dealt with a lot of this back in the mid 2000’s when he was working on Superman Returns. Back then however we didn’t have the amount of social media or the meetoo movement, cancel culture or the purging of the Hollywood elitist swamp. You see folks Hollywood is ran by a lot of closeted gay men, and a lot of sexual predators. Singer, and Weinstein are not the only ones. Corey Feldman named a few, and Corey Haim killed died depressed after years of abuse he took from rapist in Hollywood.

Ironically enough “X-Men” producer Lauren Shuler Donner told The Hollywood Reporter that the now also late King of POP Michael Jackson once auditioned for the role of Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X in the 2000 movie. You would think that Bryan Singer wouldn’t pass up a chance to put MJ in there somewhere, and see if some of those reports were true about MJ or if it was all lies.

Donner told The Hollywood Reporter: “I said to him, ‘Do you know Xavier is an older white guy?’ And Michael said, ‘Oh yeah. You know, I can wear makeup.'” Jackson did meet with “X-Men” director Bryan Singer in 1999, where he gave a 60-minute presentation complete with the short film “Ghosts,” in which Jackson played a 60-something-year-old man.

Michael auditioned for the role of Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X, in 2000’s “X-Men.” But as we know he didn’t land the role, and didn’t become “Professor MJ” for an entire generation. At one point MJ almost bought Marvel, and there is footage of him, and Stan Lee having met. From all reports MJ was a giant fan of Marvel comics, and his dream role besides Professor X was “Spiderman.”

Jackson set up a complete 60-minute presentation, arguing for the role, and rounded it off with the short film “Ghosts,” based on a story by Stephen King. The short movie, which you can watch below, sees Jackson playing two roles: a 60-something-year-old Mayor, and The Maestro, a magician who the Mayor is trying to run out of town.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself Patrick Stewart, then best known for his role as Captain Picard in “Star Trek,” was eventually cast in the role — and went on to play the character seven times in total, culminating in 2017’s “Logan.”

A former executive told The Hollywood Reporter: “Michael was already in the thick of all his allegations by ‘X-Men.'”

The allegations referred to were of child abuse — the LAPD first opened up an investigation into Jackson in 1993 after then-13-year-old Jordan Chandler accused him of sexual abuse. I’m sure by now we all know how that turned out. Oh yeah he was also later reportedly fired from both “Red Sonja” in 2019 for allegations of child sexual abuse, and “Bohemian Rhapsody” in 2017, due to clashes with Freddie Mercury actor Rami Malek (who later won an Oscar for his performance) and being absent on set.

Donner told The Hollywood Reporter: “You have to understand, the guy was brilliant, and that was why we all tolerated him and cajoled him. And if he wasn’t so fucked up, he would be a really great director.” Talent can go a long way but when you allow your drug, and perverted sexual appetite dominate your mind, and warp you well you end up in the mess you created.

I doubt we will see Bryan Singer in ANY major movie directing gig again anytime soon but who knows I mean look James Gunn is friends with known pedophiles, loves to joke about raping boys on twitter, and was fired for posting what hundreds of posts, and he gets his job back, and hired to do another movie for the WB. Again the Hollywood gay mafia cover for their own, and this is what they did for Gunn, and might for Singer if he just stays away from the scene for a few more years. As luck for him has it we’re now in a world wide Pandemic, and movies are NOT being made as things have been halted until further notice.

All in all 2020 has been without a doubt a hell of a weird year so far but Singers actions are not new or shocking to me or a lot of people who have known for years. Much like Kevin Spacey we didn’t need for him to come out of the closet. We always knew… Heck his own brother outed him.

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