DC Circuit Court Rules That DOJ Can Drop the Charges on General Michael Flynn! Here is the document folks just out this is a big win for democracy, and rule of law. This man was dragged thru the mud, and made to look like a liar based on lies, and misinformation by the radical left which is trying hard to overturn the election of 2016, and destroy our country.

Remember people this man was forced to lie, and they went at him and targeted him, and his family. There are talks that this might have been suggested to be done to him by Joe Biden & Barrack Obama themselves to target him since he was on Trumps team.

This country has gone thru the Russian hoax, the Ukraine scandal, the Covid-19, and the Protests, and Riots over the murder of a criminal at the hands of a crooked, and deranged cop who took the law WAY too far. This country has been through hell, and all fingers point at the Obama/Biden white house, and the Seattle “CHAZ” also caused the Obamanation loving radical left. This folks tells you how far these people will go to not just destroy TRUMP’s time as President, and overturn, and rig the election of 2016 or the upcoming one in 2020. These people are like Trump has said. SICK! They’re sick with power, and need it at all cost, and they’re doing it to cover up the years of lying and playing the country like fools at their financial gain.

Trump is the one man they fear most stands in the way of their future of crooked behavior continuing. This is why we have to remove as many of these DemocRATS from office. We cannot allow them to continue to gain power, and keep this sort of horrific behavior happening. What happened to General Flynn should never happen again to anyone in this country. Those behind this everyone of them should pay, and even if it’s Obama/Biden if they’re indeed behind this they should pay for their crimes. And Crimes which keep showing up more, and more as these things unwind… This folks is the only way we get to KEEP MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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