BREAKING NEWS: Midnight in the Desert w/ Tim Ozman

So as you might or might not know after Art Bell decided to hang it up Heather Wade took over hosting duties until ART Bell passed, and then Dave Schrader had the show for a bit, and he went off to do something else, and someone who I didn’t know personally but seemed real gung ho about the gig Tim Weisberg took over, and while he was excellent as host now he’s gone after a short time and we’re wonder why? His departure is pretty premature, and his time on the show was short lived… I was hoping he would have been the new sound, and blood that show needed but now he’s not there anymore and has been replaced by Tim Ozman. Who come next Monday we shall see if it works out with the new host.

One thing’s for sure Keith is a great guy, and I’m sure he had his reasons for making this move whatever they were, and I still support him, and his network… So I’ll be checking out the show while I’m not filled in or even sure what happened I do wish Tim Weisberg the best of luck as he will continue on his own personal show.

I’m only reporting what’s on the main website, and so don’t ask me a billion questions just let me know what you think in the comment section. The new host that is taking for for the show that Art Bell and Keith Rowland created (Midnight in the Desert) is a known YouTuber, and Flat Earther. Not sure how Art would have felt about that but hey I’m willing to hear the guy out, and see how he does. Also he has Keith Rowland molding that show still, and as producers go he’s awesome, and I learned a lot from him over my time on Skywatchers Radio, and Future Theater which both were on Dark Matter Digital, and PSN RADIO.

The new change at host is now effective immediately The show will now be branded: Midnight in the Desert with Tim Ozman and we can say that for now the next LIVE MITD show will be next <b>Monday, April 13, 10PM Pacific, 1AM Eastern</b>, on Midnight in the desert.

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