Breaking: Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend says SHE opened fire on cops

A bombshell claim comes from over 20 hours of Grand Jury testimony released on Friday in the Breonna Taylor case which has become the most prominent example from the media, politicians and celebrities spinning the truth to feed the narrative that law enforcement must reformed from systematic racism.

Much of those claims were already falling apart before today’s news. Taylor was not sleeping in her bed as was suggested but next to her boyfriend in the hallway as officers were being shot at. We know this because of the footage from the Body cam of one of the cops. Cops were not at the wrong house as was suggested but rather Taylor was the focus of a months long investigation as conspiring with her ex-boyfriend to receive mail and money from an alleged drug operation.

Reality over emotions. Breonna’s ex boyfriend used her car to execute drug deals, the police have pictures of her car at the “scat house”, Breonna’s ex-boyfriend used her address on financial documents included bank accounts. Breonna’s ex-boyfriend had packages sent to her house, the police have pictures and video of him picking up those packages. After he was arrested and charged with distribution, the drug dealing ex boyfriend of Breonna Taylor called her TWENTY SIX times on a recorded jail phone, they discussed another drug dealer, they discussed drug money, and they discussed drug deals.

The police had EVERY RIGHT to want to check her home for evidence that might help them convict her ex-boyfriend. Breonna is dead, and that is tragic… but never forget, she is dead because her ex-boyfiend included her in his criminal activities, and….she allowed him to include her in his criminal activities.

Also revealed months ago was Taylor being interviewed by law enforcement after a car she had rented contained a homicide victim. According to the Daily Mail, the Grand Jury was presented with evidence that at the scene, Taylor’s boyfriend told cops that it was in fact Taylor that shot at cops.

Among the recordings released is Officer Brett Hankison’s interview with investigators that said Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, had told him ‘she was the one who shot at us’.

Walker later confessed that he was the one who opened fire. One of Taylor’s neighbors also told investigators that police had told her that ‘some drug-dealing girl shot an officer’.

Officers had a ‘no-knock’ warrant to search Taylor’s apartment for drugs the night when she she was killed and the mainstream media has pushed the false claim that they are “illegal”, and in turn several agencies have abandoned the practice.

In fact, while the warrant was “no knock”, testimony from officers and witnesses revealed that law enforcement spent almost a minute knocking and announcing before using a ram to enter the residence.

‘We knocked on the door, said police, waited I don’t know 10 or 15 seconds. Knocked again, said police, waited even longer,’ Louisville, Kentucky, police Lt. Shawn Hoover said in an interview recorded the day Taylor was shot.

‘So it was the third time that we were approaching, it had been like 45 seconds if not a minute,’ Hoover said. ‘And then I said, ‘Let’s go, let’s breach it’.’ In an interview with investigators that was played to the grand jury, Walker said that if officers had announced themselves, ‘it changes the whole situation because there was nothing for us to be scared of.’

One law enforcement officer testified that police ultimately never executed the warrant to search Taylor’s apartment. ‘Were drugs money or paraphernalia recovered from apartment 4? … The answer to that is no,’ the officer said on the recording. ‘They didn’t go forward with executing the initial search warrant that they had for Breonna Taylor’s apartment.’ Police used a narcotics warrant to enter Taylor’s Louisville apartment on March 13. The 26-year-old emergency medical worker, was shot five times. Cameron said two officers who fired their guns, hitting Taylor, were justified because Taylor’s boyfriend had shot at them first. The boyfriend has said he thought someone was breaking in.

The grand jury did charge fired Officer Brett Hankison with three counts of wanton endangerment for shooting into a neighboring apartment. No one was hit. While the additional information may be shocking to some, what should be more of a concern is the “breaking” story from a foreign media outlet which only shows just how corrupt the American media is. The same media that never demanded body camera footage in the George Floyd case or even bothered to report that the “neck” restraint was an approved tactic by the agency, are the same ones trying to convince the world that Taylor was simply an innocent girl sleeping in her bed.

We agree with Journalist Jason Whitlock. Indeed, what happened to Taylor is tragic, but to overlook a series of bad decisions on her part (to allegedly associate with a known drug dealer and help assist his operation) and blame the cops for executing a legal search warrant where they were shot, is plain ridiculous.

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