Brandon Routh & His Son? OR “Superman and Spider-Man” Cute video…

Actor Brandon Routh known as Kal EL or Clark Kent or you know “Superman” in the 2006 Bryan Singer directed Superman Returns. The last few years he’s been a different hero for DC TV as he’s been known to millions as Ray Palmer/The Atom in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” a show which he just concluded his time on, and is saying goodbye too.

The CW’s recent somewhat epic, and somewhat disappointing “Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover” gave Routh a rare opportunity to reprise his cinematic role! Well sort off… This time he’s “Kingdom Come Superman,” which is an alternate world take on the Superman that Routh played before but a close one in events. Think of it like it’s the 90s Batman movies where the events all sort of happened even tho the guy playing BATMAN changed, and the first two movies, and last two movies were in alternate worlds… But in this case the actor didn’t change just the world around him a bit, and he’s older, and his entire life has been altered, and he lost the love of his life Lois. So his character became one of the Paragons who was meant to save the multiverse. However, Routh’s return as Superman was relatively brief in that event, and this is where the event was disappointing! He was great but they didn’t use him much, and Tom Welling is now a coward for once again being there but not being there for the fans, and only a paycheck. Clearly that’s all that meant to him, and well that’s sad.

Fortunately for us Brandon had a scene with the actress playing Lois on the show which was awesome! REALLY brought back that old time “Lois & Clark” vibe from the old movies… Loved it but to short. But Brandon blessed us when he took the time for a one-of-a-kind crossover while he had a chance… Check out the video on his Instagram below.

Via his Instagram account, Routh shared a video of himself and his son, Leo, dressed as Superman and Spider-Man, respectively.

That’s adorable, and even tho “Superman and Spider-Man” come from rival DC and Marvel, there have actually been comic book crossovers between them. But for now, a live-action crossover is off the table. Regardless, the younger Routh made sure that his father struck an iconic Superman pose before assuming one of Spidey’s signature stances.

What do you think about the father, and son combo as “Superman and Spider-Man” team-up photo shoot?

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