Boyhood Home of Jesus Discovered?

Now this is impossible to back up but there is a claim going around that the Boyhood Home of Jesus was recently Discovered? To me it reminds me of where a young “Anakin Skywalker” is seen to live in the movie “Star Wars: Phantom Manace” Now the story which isn’t new but is getting new publicity for some reason, and well I thought I’d bring it to you is that an archaeologist from England believes that a house found beneath a convent in Nazareth was the boyhood home of Jesus Christ. The man behind the bold claim is Reading University professor Ken Dark, who has reportedly been studying the remnants of the residence for the last 14 years. He argues that the structure, which has been identified as being built in the first century AD, is a fairly ordinary home for the time period, but it also boasts a number of elements which, he contends, reveal its profound significance.

Specifically, Dark notes that the construction of the house is in keeping with the advanced skill level of a type of craftsman which Joseph was known to be. Additionally, he says, the church which sits atop the residence is undoubtedly a cathedral that was once described by a visitor to the city in 830 as being famously built over the childhood home of Jesus. “Whatever’s there, whoever built the Sisters of Nazareth church believed it was a major thing,” he mused, “and something that was presumably considered close to or as important as the annunciation. That doesn’t leave that many options.”
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