Boy George or Rose McGowan? Can’t tell. lol

But the picture is a joke the truth is she’s nuts, and now she’s APOLOGIZING TO A TERRORIST STATE!!!

While Iranian people were celebrating, this American moron wannabe actress decided to sympathize with a terrorist.

She claims, “It is only logical to appeal to Iran’s pride by apologizing. I’m taking one for the team.” Nobody asked you too lady… Who are you? The big breasted chick in SCREAM (1996) who fucked Harvey Weinstein to get a movie deal to only accuse him of rape years later? Oh, and you dated MANSON the metal singer who’s known by his fans as the “AntiChrist Superstar” ?

LOL since when do you decide AMERICAN POLICY BITCH? When in the history of the United States, did we become so disconnected with reality that people are apologizing for taking out a bad guy? It’s not subjective whether or not he is a bad guy; it’s OBJECTIVE AS HELL.

Thankfully there were thousands of people that started calling her for her complete stupidity, and lack of awareness, and reality. Some of these responses are pure gold.. Rose McGowan needs to see someone to help her understand the atrocities this man brought into the world. Her hashtag #TeamStayAlive is precisely what Trump is trying to do!

With this guy out of circulation, WE HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF STAYING ALIVE YOU MORON! Rose tries to justify her idiotic thought process by saying that she “freaked out because we have an impending war.” Trying to understand the thoughts of the insane is far above my pay grade, but this lady needs help.

I’ve never felt safer. Our President is kick butt and takes names kinda guy. As long as he is our President we are on the #TeamStayAlive.

Leave the middle east if you are an American civilian. President Trump is about to rain down a bunch of American Pride on Iran… #MAGA2020 #IStandWithTrump

“Demonstrators celebrate in # Tahrir Square, killing the terrorist Qassem Soleimani. #Wewant_home” – Translate Tweet

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