Another loser calls it quits!

Mike Bloomberg endorses Joe Biden in bid to ‘defeat Donald Trump’ after finally understanding that he cannot, and would not win no matter what. He can’t win, and he will never be President so he finally quit the race he should have never been in, and in doing so he backed of course Quid Pro Joe Biden one of the biggest scumbag liars, and corrupt politicians of all times.

Biden who’s become senile in his old age, and any endorsement by Bloomberg just means that TRUMP will win by landslide. Nobody wanted to associate with Bloomberg, and he had ZERO chance of winning or being the nominee because he didn’t understand how his racist, and sexist past would come back to haunt him… AND This is who’ backing JOE BIDEN!

Remember guys Sanders is backed by the Communists/Socialists and AOC and the Fraud Squad, and them. While Biden has the liberals like Pelosi, Schummer, and Schiff in his corner. These are all enemies to our republic, our country, and our freedom. They need to ALL be removed, and never allowed back into any position in politics.

I’m Cuban, and I cannot understand why anyone would want socialism, and or communism in this country but a vote for either Biden or Sanders will bring that ideology here, and a Biden White House just means more of Obamanations policies, and with as lost in translation as Joe is right now with not being able to even remember where he is on any given basis he’s in no position to hold any political office.

He needs to be in a nursing home, and not the White House. And Sanders actual health and earlier heart issues tells me he wont be alive long enough to see his 4 years should he be elected so whoever he would have on his ticket would become the President.

That folks is shit we cannot rely on to move forward in this country… Michael Bloomberg gave his last public appearance as a presidential nominee today, in a small room full of staff and supporters at a Manhattan Hotel.

“Mike will get it done,” the miniature crowd chanted, rather unenthusiastically, as they waited for Bloomberg… Mini Crowd for Mini Mike. He said, and I quote here “I entered the race for the president to defeat Donald Trump,” explained Bloomberg once he took the stage, “And today I am leaving the race for the same reason.” Campaign aides knew they were in big trouble when the South Carolina results came in.

Super Tuesday marked the first time the idiot billionaire, his message or his money had been really tested, and it was a complete belly flop. The numbers didn’t lie, and they were not what his almost Billion dollars spent should have brought him according to his own wishes. “I’ve always believed that data should inform our decision,” he admitted, “After Yesterday’s results, the delegate math had become virtually impossible and a viable path to the nomination just no longer existed.”

Instead, it was time to unite behind one candidate to defeat Donald Trump, Bloomberg said, and that could only be his “friend and a great American” Joe Biden. You know the guy who lies, forget where he is, and is a known racist, and one who not only is a racist but ONLY endorsed Obama once Obama picked him for VP. After he said “OBAMA wasn’t ready to be President” he switched up quick once he became Obama’s VP and called him the most qualified only a couple of weeks after he said he wasn’t ready back then.

JOe is a lying scumbag who also is raking in millions thanks to his son, and his shady working he done as VP which we’re all aware of now. Quid Pro Joe China got Mini Mike to endorse him? This is like Diarrhea endorsing constipation. Either way you’re fucked, and it’s shit!

“I am glad to say that I endorse Joe Biden, and I hope you will join me in working to make him the next president of the United states,” Bloomberg said of the candidate who, just 11 weeks before, he was unconvinced could beat Trump or run the country.

“He’s never been the manager of an organization, he’s never run a school system,” Bloomberg told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle in December.“The presidency shouldn’t be a training job.”

The best, and only real choice is already doing the job, and his name is Donald Trump Sr. #MAGA2020 #IStandWithTrump #KAG2020

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