Black Lives Matter & Antifa still going at it!

Violence erupts again thanks to these goons in “Black Lives Matter” & Antifa! These morons don’t do anything but spread the Covid, and hurt people… While the democRAT leaders do nothing, and refuse to allow the President to stop it. So from all angles this looks like it will continue until November.

The latest rally in Idaho has counter-protester punching activist in the face and police are forced to pull the two groups apart. The civil unrest continues! One common theme……… A Lot of Angry young “White/Gay people claiming BLM & Antifa. Even fighting Black people who are not brain washed and don’t support them. So only some black lives matter? See folks there is a major hypocrisy going on here. Bought, and paid for by George Soros, and others like him.

This shocking video shows Black Lives Matter demonstrators physically clashing with counter-protesters at a rally in Boise, Idaho. Last Tuesday, activists gathered outside City Hall calling on officials to defund the police. However, they were outnumbered by a larger group showing their support for law enforcement and violence soon erupted.

One video posted to TikTok shows the two groups shouting at each other, before a Black Lives Matter demonstrator attempts to pull a flag out of a female counter-protester’s hand.

The woman – clad in a blue singlet – retaliates by sucker punching a young activist in the face.

She then had to be restrained by a male member in her pro-policing group.

One Black Lives Matter demonstrator then calls out: ‘Where are the police when you need them?’ Officers then quickly appeared on the scene and managed to separate the two groups who both began accusing each other of inciting the violence. During the demonstration, Black Lives Matter protesters asked for a moment of silence to remember George Floyd the black man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis.

However, counter-protesters began chanting ‘USA’, adding to tension.

There were also reports of several other violent episodes during the protest – with claims that one person was left with a concussion.

Boise Police later posted to Twitter that no arrests were made. One Black Lives Matter demonstrator, Samantha Hager, claims some of those among the counter-protesters belonged to ‘neo-Nazi groups, nationalist groups, and biker gangs all were planning a big counter protest to scare BLM Boise,’ she said.

‘They brought a massive siren to drown out our speakers, started hitting us with their signs and flagpoles and began chanting ‘F*ck all n***ers,’ she told Media Drum World.

‘Last night our community witnessed and many of our residents experienced physical violence and intimidation by counter protesters during a Black Lives Matter protest at City Hall,’ Boise Mayor Lauren McLean said in a statement.

‘I condemn those who showed up in our community under the guise of ‘protection’ and instead intimidated, shouted epithets and white nationalist slogans, and in some cases physically assaulted protesters. There is no room for this in our city.’

But this doesn’t end here folks! Check out what’s happening in Dallas! These clowns just won’t stop, and I’m telling you now this is all to continue these civil riots til the election. This is the left doing it to make it horrible in this country. Now we can’t even enjoy a meal without this happening.

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Video of Black Lives Matter protesters interrupting diners at a restaurant in Dallas has gone viral — and now, one of the customers who was eating in the restaurant when the violence started is speaking out.

According to The Daily Caller, Damani Felder — one half of the black conservative YouTube political duo The Right Brothers — took the footage as he was sitting down to eat in an unnamed restaurant.

The incident occurred Saturday, Felder said, when he was at one of the last get-togethers he would have with his friends before he moved. “They actually marched past once unannounced. None of us had any idea they’d be coming down to that part of town,” Felder told The Daily Caller.

“The music continued, people continued having a good time. Then they marched past twice — still didn’t get any attention, didn’t get any heckling whatsoever.” Hell hath no fury like a Black Lives Matter march that’s not getting any attention, however.

It wasn’t long before things took a turn for the worse.

“They parked themselves maybe 50 yards away from the restaurant after a second pass and were just shouting and screaming, but no one was really giving them the attention that they clearly wanted. That was when they approached the restaurant and incited chaos,” Felder told The Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck.

The Black Lives Matter group “began heckling people who were really just out, you know, enjoying their dinners, out with their young children. Black families out there with young children.”

“This BLM group parked themselves right in front of that table and started screaming at them,” he said.

“Remember, we were out here just enjoying a peaceful dinner, right?” Felder said. “They came out here and they started this mess.” A mess it indeed was, given that a chemical agent Felder said it was tear gas eventually had to be deployed. Felder said there were two officers on patrol in the area who helped get the situation under control. More officers, he said, began showing up “within six minutes or so.”

“There were cops running around with shotguns trying to de-escalate things,” Felder said. “But this group continued, this group persisted,” he said. And hey, here’s a shocker: “The loudest voices in that BLM group were a lot of white people who were screaming at police.” Check out the Felder interview here. It’s about 10 minutes long, but well worth the time.

Felder also said he “was very heartened by the white and black people I saw there who were not only denouncing the actions of the BLM group … but they were also expressing their gratitude for the police officers, being on the scene, keeping everyone as safe as they could.”

As for the Black Lives Matter movement, Damani Felder remains unimpressed which probably isn’t surprising, given he’s a conservative:

“Cancer” is a bit rough, but there’s no denying that a group that takes a perfectly reasonable evening at a restaurant with live jazz and turns it into a shouting match involving white leftists with placards, privilege and preening arrogance probably ought to reconsider how its protests are emphasizing the fact that Black Lives Matter.

That’s particularly true given there seemed to be a lot of very irked black lives inside the restaurant that night, with living black children who didn’t need to be exposed to what the rioters had to offer. For these Black Lives Matter activists, this wasn’t a protest. This was a naked provocation. It provoked, all right and it didn’t turn out well for them.

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