I Love a good Fan Film, and I love Star Wars…. So this is well it’s something right up my path… Enjoy! The Birth of a Monster: A Star Wars Story

“Birth of a Monster | A Star Wars Story” is a not for profit STAR WARS short film produced by Escape Velocity Content, LLC. Themes, characters, music, etc. found within the film and its visuals are the property of Lucasfilm LTD, LLC & Walt Disney Studios (The Walt Disney Company).

“Birth of a Monster” is a story of discovery and friendship surrounding a mysterious young boy and his loyal droid on the desert planet, Tatooine. What they discover will shape future generations in their galaxy.


Directed & Story by Tim Martin

Screenplay by Ian Eskander

Produced by Alec Eskander

Director of Photography Nick Mahar

Edited by Josh Dennis

Original Music by Aaron James Eckardt

Sound Design by Justin Valerio

Executive Producers

Tim Martin
Alec Eskander
Tres McCullough
Joshua Tolle


Zander Martin
Daniel Bohman
Steve Blum
Linda Michaels
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Tobias Jelinek
Mikey Rotella
Derek Reynolds
Scott Wickman
Patrick Lundberg
Daniel Bohman

Unit Production Manager

Scott Wickman
Patrick Lundberg
Gillian Entin


Dimitra Karacali
Gillian Entin

First Assistant Director

Patrick Lundberg
Alec Eskander

Assistant Cameraman

Grant Friesen
Jonathan Benavente
Tobias Winde Harbo


Eric Corriea
Patrick Walter
Joe Seiler

Key Grip

Joe Seiler
Darrel D’Itri

Grip / Electrician

Brian Gurnett

Grip / Movie Operator

Trevor Carr
Bob Mule

Sound Mixer

Chris Truman
Matt Thompson
Colin Hart
Alan Chang

Boom Operator

Marion DeMartini

Production Designer

Tim Martin

Special Effects Design

Tim Martin

Special FX Make-Up

Ken Calhoun


Jeff Birch


Cristina Himiob

Mold Maker

Tom Ovenshire


Dave Penikas

Digital Model Builder

Zac Berry


Tim Martin
Daniel Bohman
Gillian Entin

Costume Designer

Tim Martin

Wardrobe & Make-up Assistant

Dimitra Karacali

Set Builders

Tim Martin
Dan Bohman

Prop Master

Tim Martin

Production Assistants

Nicholas Tyson
Alex Ulaky
Bob Mul├ę
Keira Witham

BTS Photography

Uriel Espinoza
Peter Houie
Angela Noriega
Kevin Mahar

Post Production Supervisor

Patrick Lundberg
Nick Mahar

Additional Editing

Nick Mahar

Sound Engineer

Ryan Johnston
Dialogue & Voice Directors

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Steve Blum

Visual Effects by SpaceJunk
VFX Artist

Karl Hein
Brian Finne

Senior VFX Producer

Christa Cox

3D Ship Modeling

Ali Yaremko

Perry Kroll

3D Compositing

Jeff Miao
Emmett Callinan

Color Services provided by The Mill


Matthew Osborne

Color Assistant

Logan Highlen
Gemma Parr
Zack Wilpon

Executive Producer, Color

Linda Jackson

Producer, Color

Liza Kerlin

Production Coordinator, Color

Jessica Amburgey

Special Thanks

Aputure Lighting
Ted Sim
Nerris Nassiri
Andy Pagana
Anthony Lew
Ryan Wood
Matt Alavi
Aaron Nelson
Rare Breeds
Alicia, Jackson & Lincoln Eskander
George Lucas (we love you)

An Escape Velocity Content Production

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