Bill Maher says “Hillary Clinton has to go!”

SO HBO host and liberal Bill Maher said something most Americans can get behind for once! At least something I can say I agree on with him, and he does drop some good insight from time to time when he’s not totally talking out of his ass, and or mouth. But he said that the Clintons most notably Hellary needs to “go away” and by go away, we mean they should step away from politics and enjoy the retired life.

As you can see in the video above he said, and I quote “It seems like every few months Hillary Clinton bubbles up again. And people like ‘She’s thinking about running again’ or she says something crazy,” Maher said. “You know, last Friday there was a news dump. They exonerated her again about the emails. You know, I’m not – it’s not about that but the Clintons, they gotta go away.”

I agree again both Hillary and Bill need to avoid the Democratic National Convention, and go away after all as Bill Maher hinted too “it’s dangerous for the Democrats to be associated with the Clintons.” If Hillary, in particular, stays the face of the party, then she is a “Donald Trump asset.”

“I’m saying this now, a year out: they can’t be at the convention. Maybe on the video, waiving or something, but I’m serious. She is one of the biggest vote getters,” he explained. “Justin Amash, is that how you say it, he said the one thing we know for sure is that Hillary Clinton is a Donald Trump asset. Somebody said she’s a Russian asset. She is. And Bill is damaged goods. I just think they gotta go away. We can’t be associated, the Democratic Party.”

Hellary needs to be brought to justice for all her crimes including the once against Trump, and she is a person who cannot be trusted, and I can say after what she did in Benghazi alone she should be in prison but her email scandal is something that anyone else would be facing a long prison term for. The Clintons are symbolic of everything wrong with today’s democratic party. Hope soon that she will go away for a few years behind bars. Ironic the man who might make this happen is named BARR!

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