Bill Birnes vs Trump, I have to reply to this!

Let me start this by saying that I love the Birnes! Both Bill & Nancy like family and I spent a couple of years producing them on FUTURE Theater while I was on the late Art Bells online Network “Dark Matter Digital Network” and look at Bill as a friend, mentor, and someone I again who I got a lot of love for. But to me lying is lying, and spreading misinformation is wrong.

He’s taken to Twitter to spew lies on Trump all the time these days while protecting the real evil destroying our country the democRATS and our corrupt POTUS Joe “Creepy, Sleepy” Biden. And while I normally wouldn’t bother this is really bothering the hell out of me so much so that I’m doing this post, and I will openly debate Bill Birnes on this on air anytime any place over this because FACTS MATTER! Bill’s lost in his Trump derangement syndrome, and all he does is spew CNN and Mass Media lies about the man, and about his handling of the Covid virus… He said Trump didn’t tell us soon enough which is a lie, he said that TRUMP cost 500k death which is a lie. He fails to hold Biden/Obama accountable for the fact that they paid for the Wuhan lab to create the virus and did so using “Gain of Function Research” and thinks we’re so stupid we’re going to believe this crap. I don’t understand how someone as smart of Bill Birnes can be so gullible to believe these leftist lies. This is like if he’s not just in favor of the lies but he’s sold out to the same communists the radical leftist are sold out too.

We know MSM lies they did so all last year even went as far as to cover up the Hunter Biden laptop issues… Now Bill is saying the “Chain Supply issue” we’re having is Trumps fault even when it’s been done under BIDEN’s time as POTUS not Trump and the ports are clogged up THANKS to Biden not TRUMP! We didn’t have any of these problems under Trump and all this has been caused by BIDEN.

Like the kids in cages lie spewed by the left when they tried to blame TRUMP while they were built under Obama/BIDEN and the MSM even used pics taken when OBAMA was POTUS to smear Trump. AOC went to the border when Trump was Potus and lied about kids drinking from toilet water when she knew that was a lie. Fake tears by a fake politician. Bill loves to smear Trump like if he’s the root of the problem when he was only President for 4 years and all under constant slander, and fake hoaxed impeachments, and the entire 2020 was spent with the left pushing fake bullshit to destroy the man. The taxes witch hunt has turned nothing so they go after one of his employees who Trump helped to send his kid to school like that’s some crime! He said Trump is at fault for the supply chain! Can you believe this crap? Check out the tweets below, and I’m sending Bill Birnes an open challenge to debate me on these issues if he’s up for being proven a fool over his idiotic political views which are hurting the people who follow him.

He’s not helping his credibility when he’s endorsing a POTUS whos son is a PEDOPHILE, CRACKHEAD who’s 3 laptops ended up in the hands of RUSSIA/CHINA and the proof hit the net. I’ve seen a lot of the footage and pics or Hunter having sex with minors when they leaked last year so I could speak on these things and not wonder if I’m being mislead. Sickening crap folks, and JOE BIDEN who’s on video grabbing the nipple of an 8 year old girl is some how a good guy according to Bill Birnes… I think Mr UFO Hunter needs to stick to finding UFO’s and hunting them down then over politics cause he’s lost in politics. Totally lost I mean maybe the Bidens got something on BILL BIRNES I don’t know about? Cause my god how can one person be so wrong and be so bright in other areas? Like I said I Love both Bill & Nancy Birnes and when my mother passed away in 2016 they called me and were good friends but as an honest person I cannot and will not stand down when I see anyone spreading lies, and communism sorry my mother risked her life to escape communism, and this is what it looks like Bill wants here.

I openly challenge Bill Birnes to a debate on politics if he’s man enough to say this crap on video or maybe this is all something he only tweets to help indoctrinate people who follow him? But either way I will debate him anytime on any term he wants because I know he’s wrong, and lost in misinformation and it saddens me to see someone who I respect and care about be so wrong, and lost in TDS that he can’t see the real evil being done to our country. The people he endorses are sold out to Putin and Russia. But it doesn’t end there. Chinas CCP, and the same middle eastern countries who hate our guts are now making MILLIONS off us again thanks to Biden who cut our keystone pipeline and is helping these people by giving a green light to Putin and his pipeline.

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