Biden Inexplicably Humiliates Stacy Abrams On Live TV.

Hilarious video clipped out by Jimmy Dore for his video show has Presidential Candidate on MSNBC to announce something BIG according to the hype. This dealt with the GAP Tooth having Stacy Abrams who is a moron, and has brain the size of the gap in her front teeth.

The PIG of a woman doesn’t deserve a single vote ever! She’s a gross and disgusting woman who’s self hate is projected towards everyone else. Joe Biden in all his mental laps might ave like Jimmy said “Forgot to mention it” but the hype was that he was going to name her his “VeePee” …. Didn’t happen folks, and the expression on her face is hilarious.

She’s a fucktard libtard, and she wants to be “VeePee” so bad she even sucked on the Bloomberg blow pop and had backed him until he left, and then she switched her vote to Joe “The Sniffler” Biden.

Here is the video, and watch close as she understand that in nowhere on this “video” meet is she going to be asked to be the “VeePee” she wanted so bad. Watching Joe struggle with forming a coherent sentence is equally as hilarious as the face she makes. This shit’s so fucking funny… This is Laugh out Loud funny.

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