Not like he’s going to admit it! Come on now… Joe Biden [vs] Tara Reade

Joe Biden denies Tara Reade sexual assault claim like he will come out saying it happened! LOL But he tells National Archives to search for alleged record. Like we don’t know people in power like Joe can’t sweep things under the rug. But if the left makes a big deal about Trump having a normal so called thing with a porn star who was NOT assaulted they need to take these allegations serious about Biden.

Facts are that if this was against Trump this would lead all the media to spend countless months slamming Trump.. Notice how soft, and biased they are and how they sweep this story under the rug for decades.

Why does Joe Biden have “Sealed Records” about this if nothing happened? Why not put all his records out? I mean he’s running for President, and he’s got a sniffing shady past of groping women, and young girls on camera, and well the term “Creepy JOE” is part of his known persona for a reason. Thousands of memes of him smelling people, and all things down to shoes have been viral for years for a reason.

For the first time, Joe Biden has spoken out and denied sexually assaulting former Senate aide Tara Reade in 1993. CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge joins CBSN to report the latest developments.

Also remember guys the media slammed falsely Brett Kavanaugh and Trump himself on fake news so why have they not touched this one on Creepy JOE? It’s because the DemocRATS take care of they’re own, and so Joe China over there like his “Quid Pro Quo” with Ukraine, and how he lied after being exposed on camera. Joe Biden is a con artist, and this to me is just something he did, and got away with, and now with this “MeToo” movement this shows that the left has gone out of their way for years to help their own.

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