BET founder and billionaire Robert Johnson backs Trump!

Another win for Trump! The longer President Trump is in office, the more support he gets from minorities who have never voted for Republicans, let alone a GOP president. That may also include Black Entertainment Television founder and billionaire Robert Johnson.

In an interview this week, the former BET executive made it clear he’s not about to jump off the Trump Train this year and will be sticking with the current president over the ‘unknown’ Joe Biden in terms of economic positions and other governing policies that would be extremely damaging to business and Americans in general.

“Where I come out as a businessman, I will take the devil I know over the devil I don’t know any time of the week,” he said in an interview Wednesday with CNBC.

“I absolutely do not know what a President Biden would do,” he continued. “I haven’t heard anything coherent about what he said he’d do.”

He did go on to acknowledge that historically, blacks vote for Democrats about 90 percent of the time — which makes no sense because Democrats are the party of slavery, of Secession, of the KKK, of Jim Crow laws, and of segregation.

“But if we don’t get clear and concise direction on the benefit of changing courses at this time — again, I am speaking as a business person — I would rather know who I am going to deal with in the White House,” he said.

“I want to know what regulatory decisions they’re going to make. What fiscal policy decisions. What monetary policy decisions they’re going to make than be taking a chance,” said Johnson.

From his perspective, voting for President Trump is a no-brainer.

After eight years of the first black president, Barack Obama, and Biden, they could not achieve anywhere near the level of employment, wage growth, and availability of opportunities that the Trump administration has achieved.

CNBC noted further:
Johnson has been a big Democratic donor over the years but also has spoken positively about Trump’s economic policy. In 2016, he said he declined a position in Trump’s Cabinet, saying it was not due to politics but because he could not deal with government red tape.

From a business standpoint only, not from a racial injustice standpoint, Johnson reiterated that it’s better for corporate executives to know what they’re getting in a president rather trying to guess.

“I would rather know who I’m going to deal with in the White House. I’m going to know what regulatory decisions they’re going to make. What fiscal policy decisions, what monetary policies they’re going to make than to be taking a chance, particularly when you have the turbulence of a pandemic,” said Johnson, who in the past has been complimentary of Trump’s business-friendly policies.

As for Biden, anyone who’s been paying attention this election cycle and is being honest knows he won’t be the one governing. His policies will be guided by the radical leftist base that backed his rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders – and those economic policies will be straight-up socialism.

Johnson seems to know that.

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