Bernie Sanders feels the burn in the heart, and undergoes procedure…

Bernie Sanders off campaign trail ‘until further notice’ after artery blockage! Sanders, 78, was hospitalized with chest pain in Las Vegas, Nevada NOW I don’t wish death on anyone but this is health related, and nearing 80 he’s not getting younger, and he’s in bad health? Can’t be president sorry this is a wrap for his run, and im my opinion this is good news for the country, and the people who don’t want this derange old socialist in office. With that said I don’t wish death on him just for him to go away, and be a bitter old man somewhere that he can’t harm our country.

He had two stents inserted to treat a blocked artery after experiencing “chest discomfort” at a campaign event on Tuesday. His senior adviser said Sanders’ forthcoming events and appearances are canceled “until further notice.”

I’m calling it now tho! This is all a set up, and he’s fine. Why hoax this? So Hillary Clinton could take his place, and run on his ticket, and once again she would have taken his run for office from him. IF That happened you read it from me first folks.

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