Benioff & Weiss Depart Star Wars!

Benioff & Weiss Depart Star Wars As Kathleen Kennedy Loses Another Set Of Filmmakers, and this one’s a big one! This move hurts the fanbase because other than Episode 9 this was the one trilogy we had been looking for, and wanted to see what these guys could do with STAR WARS, and after the Last Jedi this should not lead to them speeding up them bringing back Riann Johnson to do his one time well spoken about Trilogy which nobody talks about anymore because his movie destroyed the middle movie in the new Star Wars trilogy, and angered a lot of the fans.

So what now? Certainly Kathleen Kennedy needs to fix this ship… Honestly the Mandalorian on TV, and the show Resistance plus the Obi Wan show, and the return of Clone Wars we’re getting a lot of STAR WARS On Disney+ but my concern with these shows is that the studio might concentrate on Disney+ and Streaming too much.

I want to see more movies, and not just tv shows or cartoons but we need the movies to make sense, and to be well made. Rian Johnson is a hack, and he hurt the film both with the movie itself but he didn’t help himself with how he treated fans on Twitter, and Social Media. He shouldn’t have been such a big brat when his movie was rejected.

Now what’s next for Lucasfilms? I would say a break from movies, and make the movie treatment Lucas wanted that dealt with the “The Ancient Order of the Whills” when instead the studio went to make the sequels we got. They could make it for the streaming service, and make Episode 10, 11, 12 which would continue the Skywalker saga on the big screen in 5 years, and not rush major films to the big screen every year, and the movies should always be tied directly to the OT in one way or another, and the tv or streaming stuff which I feel should be the less known characters that could build on their own from within the universe. Or side spinoff tv series or miniseries to keep us tied over until the next trilogy which should be every 5 to 10 years post the last one in that trilogy.

So for what we know now they’re gone, and the trilogy they spent over a year or two trying to put together is now scrapped for good, and I for one as someone whos never seen an episode of Game of Thrones don’t care about them as filmmakers, but again this is now how many people Kennedy has let go since George Lucas sold to Disney? Seems like EVERY production has had major issues either pre release, or creation to post release, and fan reaction.

For the mouse house this is disturbing, and should be something as fans we should all worry about. Star Wars means a lot to us fans who grew up on it, and the way it’s being manhandled by Disney is just not what we want to see. With that said Check out some videos on YouTard reporting on the breaking news about the departure, and if this was because they got fired or left we shall find out more information as time develops.

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