Basketball legend Shaq O’Neal & police officers play basketball with kids!

Funny enough how the officer who shows up on the scene named “Officer White” and right off the “BAT” sounds like this will be trouble right? Cops called on a bunch of kids playing basketball in the streets, and causing a problem? Well sorry Karen whoever called the cops. These kids did nothing wrong, and well they got a big guy to back them up, and it turns out it’s not just Officer White who agrees with these kids doing nothing wrong but the big guy involved is none other than NBA Superstar, and legend SHAQ! Yes the same SHAQ who won rings with LA Lakers, and Miami Heat. He is a police officer, and well one hell of a great person.

He’s a man of the law, and he’s someone who’s very vocal about the wrong stigma we have here in this country that the police are all racist, and the entire institution is racist. He would know being someone who’s father was a military man, and Shaq again is a police officer aside from being an NBA legend.

This video below should show us all that the police are not evil… Just because you might 1 evil deed done by 1 evil player doesn’t mean the entire institution is full of racist or there is institutionalized racism in the police force.

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