Awesome new BATMAN pics LEAK! This looks so good!!!

OK So this is starting to really remind me of BATMAN BEGINS with Bale my all time favorite BATMAN, and this folks is a good thing… BIG thank you to @Bat_Source for posting these pictures on the twitter feed, and my god these look awesome!!! The new BATMOBILE OMG!!! I’m geeking out so much I love it.

These just leaked from the set of the new BATMAN movie coming out next year with Robert “Twilight” Pattinson as the Caped Crusader himself “BATMAN.” Directed by Matt Reeves and Written by Matt Reeves (screenplay), Mattson Tomlin (screenplay), Bill Finger (Batman created by), Bob Kane (Batman created by). Starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Colin Farrell.

While the casting got some backlash it didn’t get as bad as when Ben Affleck got the role following Bales Dark Knight Trilogy. This leads me to think that more fans are open to Pattison as Batman than Ben Affleck which is a bit shocking since Robert has the horrible Twilight franchise as his biggest claim to fame. NOW This is a claim he even hates cause he isn’t a fan of his own Twilight movies, and has gone out of his way to agree they sucked.

But he was a young actor trying to make his way into the industry and took a role which brought him to the name of millions of young girls lips, and minds. So mission accomplished? He’s since turned in good indie movie work, and when he was cast while I’m still skeptical in some parts even I thought “well this could work.” He does have the face, chin, and ability to do the part… Now can he actually become the role like Bale did, and make us believe? We shall find out in 2021 when the movie “THE BATMAN” officially hits theaters.

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