Aurora Police Chief Released Dash Cam After a 4 Sec Viral Video Posted on Social media!

This is why people get themselves shot, and or arrested… This girl is a moron, and her ignorance on how to treat another person is beyond comprehension! She knows she broke the law, she knows she’s guilty of having an expired tag, and registration. She knows these wrong but she’s supposed to be let go why? Cause she’s black? This isn’t giving you a get out of jail free card young people.

Cops deal with this attitude on a daily basis, and when one snaps and loses it and each time these people that act this way, and get themselves shot have a long list of criminal behavior, and this is the people they tearing down cities over? GTFO! Fuck these ignorant bitches… Sometimes you gotta thin out the heard folks, and this might be that time. I love the body cams and the audio these things record! IT shows just what level of stupid police have to deal with.

AURORA POLICE STATED: “Over the past 24 hours, a four-second video has been widely posted on social media of an Aurora Police traffic stop that occurred on Thursday, August 6th on the city’s west side. The video posted on social media shows a woman being removed from a vehicle by an Aurora Police officer. The four-second video only shows an extremely short portion of the traffic stop and doesn’t provide any information about what happened. Unfortunately, a false narrative is being spread on social media and people have rushed to judgment, without having all the facts.

In an effort to provide complete transparency to the community and tell the entire story, the Aurora Police Department is releasing the dash camera video of what happened and a lengthy narrative of the incident. Social media posts have falsely claimed that the woman did not get out of the vehicle because she could not walk and requires the use of braces, a wheelchair, and a walker. In fact, the woman walks on her own throughout the incident and never tells the officers of any pre-existing conditions or injuries.”

On Aug. 6, 2020, at approximately 7:35 p.m., two officers from the Aurora Police Department’s Community Oriented Policing Unit were on patrol in a fully marked Aurora police squad car as a two-person unit — one officer driving and one officer in the passenger seat on the city’s west side.

The officers were driving east on Illinois Avenue when one of the officers observed a black Acura MDX SUV traveling the opposite way on Illinois Avenue. Officers performed a U-turn to check on a group congregating near a different vehicle in the 700 block of Palace Street. When the U-turn was performed, the officer noticed the same Acura SUV suddenly activate its turn signal to also go north in the 700 block of Palace Street. When the officers made the same northbound turn, the Acura SUV suddenly pulled over to the right and parked. One of the officers took note of the license plate as (officers) checked on the group ahead. Officers determined there was nothing out of the ordinary with the group and they continued on their patrol. At that time, one of the officers ran the license plate number of the Acura SUV. The state of Illinois’ computer system returned a response that the license plate was supposed to be affixed to a black 2003 Saturn sedan.

The officers returned to the vehicle and confirmed the plate number and that the vehicle was actually an Acura MDX SUV. After confirming the improper use of registration, the officers pulled behind it and activated their overhead emergency lights. One of the officers approached the driver of the vehicle, later identified as 20-year-old Ajani Livous and attempted to inquire as to why the plates affixed to her vehicle were registered to a black Saturn sedan. During the encounter, APD’s 911 Telecommunications Center also confirmed that the license plate was registered to a black 2003 Saturn sedan. Immediately upon approaching the driver’s open window, the officers could smell the strong odor of burnt cannabis coming from inside the vehicle. The rear driver-side window of the vehicle had been smashed out and glass was lying inside the trunk area of the vehicle. Officers also observed two bullet holes in the rear driver-side area of the vehicle.

Livous was immediately confrontational and refused to offer any valid explanation regarding her registration. The officer explained that she was lawfully detained and asked to see her driver’s license multiple times. Each time she refused. She continued to be confrontational and began to yell obscenities at the officer. After failing to identify herself multiple times, the officer informed Livous that she was now under arrest and ordered her to step out of the vehicle. Livous refused to comply and instead continued to talk on her cell phone. The officer asked Livous numerous times to step out of the vehicle and she refused. The officer then ordered Livous out of the vehicle and continued to inform her she was now under arrest. The officer warned her she would be physically removed from the vehicle if she did not comply with a lawful order.

Livous refused to comply, and the officer gained control of Livous’ left arm by using both of their arms.
Livous’ replied, “You can’t arrest me,” and shouted expletives while continuing to speak on the phone.

At that point, the officer pulled Livous from the vehicle by her left arm and secured her in handcuffs without further incident. After Livous was in custody, the officer attempted to once more explain the circumstances of the situation to her. Livous continued to yell and shout expletives at the officer. The officer offered Livous the opportunity to provide him with her ID again, and she exclaimed, “Nope, I ain’t got s*** for you.” APD’s 911 Telecommunications Center was asked to conduct a VIN check on the vehicle and upon doing so, confirmed that the correct registration for the vehicle was not, in fact, what was presently affixed. During a search of the vehicle, a small amount of raw cannabis was found inside a pull-out ash tray located in the center console. A small amount of burnt cannabis was also located inside a plastic cup in the center console cup holder of the vehicle.

Livous, 20, of the 900 block of New Haven Avenue in Aurora, was arrested and charged with one Class A Misdemeanor count of Obstructing a Peace Officer. Livous also received citations for the following: Improper display of registration failure to notify secretary of state of address change operating uninsured motor vehicle a male juvenile passenger was also arrested and charged with one count of obstructing identification.

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