Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe out on $500k bond over the Rayshard Brooks case.

Garrett Rolfe who was the Atlanta police officer that shot dead Rayshard Brooks appears in court via video conference and is granted $500,000 bond so he could get out of jail. The Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jane Barwick said Tuesday Rolfe can be free on bond while his case is pending because he does not pose a threat to the public and is not a flight risk.

He will have to wear an ankle monitor, will not be able to have any kind of weapon and must surrender his passport. Rolfe faces charges including felony murder for killing Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, during an arrest attempt on June 12. IN what I personally think is an outrage of justice. The shooting of Brooks was justified, and this man Rolfe shouldn’t even be on trial.

The shooting sparked followed the George Floyd in Minneapolis case that had already spread fury across the nation as protests unfolded in all 50 states decrying police brutality and systemic racism following the police. While the two are totally different cases, and not even close in nature! I feel Rolfe is being thrown under the bus by a racist Mayor in Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms. Who’s proven that she hates white people over, and over, and hates cops, and the rule of law. And she’s a DemocRAT afterall, and pro Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and has done nothing but slander the President. EVEN When she knows he’s 100% right on policy.

Case in point this is her on ELLEN!

She’s so full of crap! The cop did nothing wrong, and she’s trying to turn him into a killer because he was forced by Brooks to shoot him. The office was polite, and nice until BROOKS did what he did, and caused himself to shoot him, and this bitch is friends with “KILLER MIKE” and “T.I” who both ran drugs, and are known criminals… This is who she’s friends with. Criminals, and people called “Killer Mike” and is trying to put a cop behind bars. FUCK THIS BITCH!

Those rappers are NOT ROLE MODELS, and are CRIMINALS!!!!! She’s got Criminals surrounding her. PERIOD! She’s said it herself. Killer Mike, and T.I are on her team? Think about this people. A Rapper named “Killer Mike” is on her team, and she grew up with gangbangers. NOT someone who should ever be mayor.

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