Another day another boring debate on a bunch of crazy people with a “he said he said” crap. With no proof, and no evidence the congress wants to impeach a president. This folks is funnier than a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Hell this is almost funny if it wasn’t true which just makes this whole entire thing one sad joke being played on the American people who deserve better than have our taxpayer money go to this garbage. How people can take anything from crooked Schiff, and the mountains of lies serious is beyond me… The ratings keep dropping, and this means the American people keep not giving a shit. I predict they keep this up the left is now handling the election to Trump! Which is good for us… lol This is how stupid they are.

And we all know this is not about Trump only this is also about keeping a certain Sanders from being able to campaign, and so Biden the left gray haired golden boy could win the DNC. The fix is in!

Impeachment managers and president Trump’s legal team have made their arguments. Now, senators can submit questions to Chief Justice John Roberts who will ask on their behalf. The legal team and impeachment managers will have five minutes to respond to each question. Wednesday is the first of two sessions scheduled for these questions. Watch live!

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