As Riots continue! IS Joe Biden bailing the Rioters & Looters out?

As Protests flare around the United States over Minneapolis killing of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis there is a report that Joe Biden staff has been donating to groups that pays bail in riot-torn Minneapolis. IN Other words his staff and others are bailing out, and probably paying for these riots to happen, and continue. Also the name “Antifa” has been linked with the rioters, and looters… Trump himself has used the name in connection recently. This is grim folks even in Miami we’re now under curfew over this bullshit. I cannot believe this year the left has gone to such extreme measures… This is now officially become the lost year.

We’re under a Pandemic, and because of one asshole COP the left is using it to fuel more bullshit, and unlawful behavior. A criminal complaint against former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, shows that George Floyd was “non-responsive” for nearly three minutes before Chauvin took his knee off his neck. The complaint also cited a preliminary autopsy report that showed there were “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.” Instead, Floyd died from a “combined effect of being restrained, his underlying health conditions, and any potential intoxicants in his system,” the autopsy revealed. Chauvin was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter on Friday. “Floyd was 46 when he died. He had underlying health conditions, including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease, according to the report.

He died during an arrest on Monday after Chauvin pinned him down. Footage of the incident shows Floyd was not resisting and telling the officer: “I can’t breathe.” The family plans a second, independent autopsy. The complaint noted that police are trained that this type of restraint with a subject in a “prone position is inherently dangerous.” The report was filed alongside the arrest of Chauvin, who was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter on Friday. The arrest came four days after the incident. The three other officers involved in the incident, which has sparked nationwide protests, were fired on Tuesday.

Check out this report…

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Campaign staff for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are advertising their donations to a group that pays bail fees in Minneapolis after the city’s police jailed people protesting the killing of a black man by a white police officer.

At least 13 Biden campaign staff members posted on Twitter on Friday and Saturday that they made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which opposes the practice of cash bail, or making people pay to avoid pre-trial imprisonment. The group uses donations to pay bail fees in Minneapolis. Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement to Reuters that the former vice president opposes the institution of cash bail as a “modern day debtors prison.”

But the campaign declined to answer questions on whether the donations were coordinated within the campaign, underscoring the politically thorny nature of the sometimes violent protests.

Bates instead pointed to Biden’s comments that protesters have the right to be angry but that more violence won’t solve justice problems. President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign on Saturday said it was “disturbing” that Biden’s team “would financially support the mayhem that is hurting innocent people and destroying what good people spent their lives building,” in an email about the Reuters story that called for Biden to condemn the riots.

Trump, a Republican who has described himself as a “law and order” president, on Friday called protesters “thugs,” and on Saturday said states and cities must get “much tougher” on anti-police protests or the federal government will step in by using the military and making arrests.

Trump has also expressed sympathy over the case of George Floyd, who died on Monday after a police officer pinned him to ground by kneeling on his neck. It is unclear how many people have been jailed after four nights of protests. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz on Saturday said many of those arrested have been from out of state. Minnesota could be critical in determining the winner of the Nov. 3 presidential election.

The Democratic candidate in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, narrowly won the state by a 1.5 percentage point margin. Trump hopes to win the state this year and held a large rally in Minneapolis in October.

Trump has struggled to attract African American voters, with only 8% of African Americans voting for him in 2016, according to a Reuters/Ipsos Election Day poll. However, a nationwide decline in black voter turnout in 2016 was widely seen as contributing to Trump’s victory. Biden’s campaign staff, in their Twitter posts, called attention to U.S. inequities based on race and income. “It is up to everyone to fight injustice,” Colleen May, who identified herself as an campaign organizer for Biden in South Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida, said in a Twitter post that included an image of her receipt from donating $50 to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

This is already being used by Joe Biden, and other DemoncRATS to smear Trump who’s said and done NOTHING wrong. Just watch the videos below as President Trump and Joe Biden have both spoken out about the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed, as a police officer was charged in Floyd’s death. CBS News’ Nikole Killion has more on the reaction, and political analysts Joel Payne and Joseph Pinion join CBSN to discuss the impact the case could have on the 2020 presidential campaign… But also check out other videos talking about this situation.

Actor John Cusack tried to film some of the looting, and he got a bad experience from it. Check out his tweet and video… I don’t know what he was thinking trying to become part of the moment I guess but with reports that Biden might be bailing people out involved, and that Antifa has been behind these riots, and John Cusack being anti Trump, and pro Antifa getting a little bit of love from the police is sort of like Justice.

I’m not for anyone being smacked around but John might have experienced some well deserved Karma… But anyway check out his tweet. He’s a great actor but he’s lost his mind, and has in the past taken cheap shots at Trump. All this guys does nothing but adds fuel to the fire.

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