AOC’s latest stupid statement: Only Nazis oppose open borders

It’s open borders or you’re a Nazis according to the now officially brain dead Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who in her own stupidity explained Tuesday, as she placed full blame for the mess at the southern US border on “fascist” President Trump. In a Q&A posted on Instagram, AOC charged Team Trump with holding illegal border-crossers in “concentration camps.” Once again this buffoon is using this bullshit argument, and Leaving no doubt that she was invoking the Nazi death camps, she noted that she was addressing people “concerned enough with humanity to say that . . . ‘Never Again’ means something.” She of course already was under fire for this before but again feels like she needs to double down on her own stupidity. Cause well she’s a fucking idiot.

She left unmentioned that some of those holding areas went up under President Barack Obama, because the unprecedented wave of “undocumenteds” from Central America started hitting on his watch, and he’s on record saying such when he ran he was sounding a lot how Trump sounds when dealing with this issue, and so does Bill Clinton, and the rest PRE Trump… They all now changed their tune when suddenly Trump is in office, and it went from a made up crisis to now it’s all his fault! LMAO!

She, and her Fraud Squad of anti American butch dumbasses never address facts, and all they do is make up shit which morons, and leftists eat up because they are either too stupid to know better or don’t want to research the junk these morons spew for themselves… Kids is a big target for them, and we see this first hand as schools are teaching this leftist ideology, and promoting stupidity like the “Green New Deal” which is beyond words a retarded agenda by the left… Oh and something that would destroy our country. Does she address the fact that the White House has asked for emergency funding precisely to address the “dehumanizing conditions” in the camps, a bill that has zero funds for The Wall? NOPE She doesn’t remember DemocRats refuse to even vote on it. This, when no less than The New York Times has now editorialized twice urging passage on basic humanitarian grounds.

What does she think Washington should do when 100,000 people a month are crossing the US-Mexican border? She has no answer but she wants to open the floodgates? How does a brain dead moron like her who snuck her way into congress via the bronx New York, and illegally mind you wield so much power now in the DemocRat party? Because she’s a fucking loud mouth moron who’s been placed there by people more powerful, and rich then her, and who have bought her seat, and most of congress which includes 98% of all who are running for President. On both sides as now some idiots on the right are spewing the same bullshit and want to run for the GOP which they will never get.

Remember folks we’re talking about 100 thousand people crossing a month! Then freely surrendering to the Border Patrol and requesting asylum? The vast majority of those asylum claims don’t hold up, but the avalanche of claims means it takes overwhelmed immigration courts months or years to reach that judgment. Releasing adult migrants into the US interior makes it near-impossible to find them if they don’t show for their hearings.

And US law doesn’t let authorities hold children more than 20 days, yet separating kids from the adults who accompanied them produces its own humanitarian nightmare. The White House is doing everything it can to defuse the crisis, even successfully bludgeoning Mexico into doing far more to stop the migrants as they’re leaving Guatemala. Democrats don’t like the camps but refuse to OK funds to upgrade them or to expand the immigration courts to speed up resolution of the claims — and won’t even think about updating laws that never anticipated this situation.

The only “answer” that leaves is to just wave the migrants on in — and, presumably, allow them to collect public assistance just like citizens or legal immigrants do. If you won’t go along with that, AOC believes you’re just like Hitler. Fascist. Concentration camp. Never Again. “I don’t use those words to just throw bombs,” the congresswoman insisted. Yet that’s exactly what she’s done.

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