AOC vs Yoho! The gloves are off!

Now we know that AOC is a known liar, and loves to make shit up, and when anyone questions her she cries like a disgusting little bitch. There I said it… Yes AOC YOU ARE A Disgusting coward, and a bitch!

AOC is crazy, evil, and a liar… This has been proven, and on FOX Yoho brings it up. Remember her border crisis lies? AOC LOVES to slander others, and loves to spread hate, and then uses the race, and sexist card to prove she’s a victim. So now men can’t question something she says because she’s going accuse them of being “sexist” or her accusing them of being “racist” ? Well from one latino here to AOC again. STFU you disgusting lying crazy bitch!

After an exchange of policy ideas that led to accusations of name-calling and accosting, Congressman Ted Yoho responds to claims made by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez regarding their encounter. Did he use language unbecoming of professional legislative discourse? – with Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly

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