AOC & Ilhan have a petition against Joe Biden nominating Obama former chief of staff Bruce Reed!

“Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar the head of the Fraud Squad are boosting a petition against Joe Biden for nominating his former chief of staff to a new role in his administration, calling Bruce Reed a ‘deficit hawk’ and criticizing his past support for Social Security and Medicare cuts,” Axios reports.

“Progressives are mounting their pressure campaign after the president-elect did not include any of their favored candidates in his first slate of Cabinet nominees, and they are serious about installing some of their allies, blocking anyone who doesn’t pass their smell test and making noise if they are not heard.” LMAO! This is the radical left telling Sleepy Joe what to do, and it’s only going to get worse folks because if JOE gets in he won’t have to safe face anymore, and he will be giving into these demands. He’s a puppet, and a tool for the radicals, and we all know it.

But this is hilarious, and it shows who these woman think they are! They think they’re running this country, and because of how radical the left has become, and how toxix these people are they’re agendas will be running the party, and Kamala being on board with the Radicals beleive me when they remove sleepy Joe they will all get their way, and that’s when we’re all going to be FUCKED!

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