AOC Fails again! But she’s not done!

AOC fails again! This time the 4th leg in the “Fraud Squad” continued never ending attack on our soldiers. The disgusting congress bitch, and lunatic from NY lost one round, and I’m happy her shit keeps getting REJECTED in the House no less… The Votes to Deny AOC’s Bid to Limit Ads Promoting US Military Enlistment is “DOA!”

“War is not a game,” posted Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. “Twitch is a popular platform for children FAR under the age of military recruitment rules. We should not conflate military service with ‘shoot-em-up’ style games and contests.” She would know about childish things since she spends her time on Instagram chatting with her crazy girlfriends, and all these young morons who follow her stupidity. This bitch needs to get slapped like a man twice! ONE for being Anti American, and 2 for being a stupid bitch! She throws a tantrum like a child everytime she doesn’t get her way or if anyone stands up to her stupidity!

“The good news: a majority of the Dem party supported this amendment. That’s a really solid start,” posted AOC after the vote. This folks should tell you how dumb she is… They deny her and she still thinks the Majority was in favor.

This is like when a girl sex no to sex but means yes? AOC belongs in Alphabet people porn!

But this idiot isn’t done! She also wants to remove the opportunity zones which is to help minorities! I kid you not folks… Now she’s directly targeting poor people! She first made 96k jobs not happen when she drove away AMAZON from opening in the NY and now again this moron wants to remove a life line that poor people have to help THEM! This is what Socialists do they want poverty, and destruction for all minorities!

More reason why we need to Re-Elect Trump! And we need to deport AOC to Puerto Rico! She’s not American, and hates this country.

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