Antifa ‘protesters’ getting Ass whooping in Cali & NYC! & One man thinks he’s an X-Men?

So a group of Antifa ‘protesters’ were met with instant justice at the hands of angry residents in the suburban town of Yucaipa, California, located approximately 10 miles East of San Bernardino.

In a video posted to Twitter this past Tuesday afternoon, a large scuffle can be seen breaking out at an ARCO gas station while a man narrates:

“It ain’t goin’ good at all. They just beat the ever-loving snot out of three or four guys, and it’s goin’ again. God damn, the antifa guys are not doing well here they’re all getting the shit kicked out of them.”

One of the protesters can be heard shouting “Justice for Floyd” – right before the man filming says “Uh, it’s goin’ bad. The antifa guys are being chased like crazy. Told you Yucaipa ain’t the place to be.”

This isn’t the first instance of locals defending their town from what has become unmitigated violence and looting across major, Democrat-run cities around the country.

On Tuesday we reported that armed residents of Coer d’Alene, Idaho began patrolling their streets.

In fact, armed residents (and store owners) across the country aren’t having any of antifa’s bullshit:

So Antifa is so hated even the Latin Kings gang is enforcing their territory as well:

But so far the most creative blow back against these dudes trying to start some shit has to be this one as a man with ‘Steel Claw’ Confronts Teens Who Reportedly Threw Objects at His Car. Some say “Wolverine Claw” but no this doesn’t look like it’s coming from his skin like the Marvel superhero from x-men.

The footage, shared by NBC New York reporter Myles Miller, shows a man shouting at the youths before turning his grey SUV around to drive up to them. The man is seen quickly exiting his vehicle and chasing down one of the young men as he asks, “You want to throw shit like that?” while pointing the weapon at him.

The man then turns his attention to the rest of the group, pointing the weapon in their direction as he once again asks, “You want to throw shit like that?” In Miller’s previous tweet, the reporter said the man also attempted to run over the teens with his truck. Reporters and commentators compared the man’s unique weapon to Wolverine, the Marvel Comics X-Men character who fights with blades attached to his knuckles.

According to Miller, local police said of the incident: “no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing.”

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