John Bolton walks the plank!

“I hereby resign, effective immediately, as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. Thank you for affording me this opportunity to serve our country,” the two-line note said as John Bolton claims he resigned while Trump claims he fired him, and then asked him to resign. WHO’S telling the truth? Honestly who cares the guy wasn’t working out, and so the “YOU’RE FIRED” President did what he does he moved on, and will replace the guy. By the way while the leftist media tries to spin this into some sort of sinister thing! Don’t be fooled EVERY President go through staff members they have issues with. Trump isn’t even leading the pack of Presidents who’s had a lot of turnover while in office.

But check out these videos below for more info on what just went down with John Bolton. Did he quit? Or did he get fired? Or a mix of both? Either way he’s gone.

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